Meet Kate

Hi, I'm Kate! I enjoy blogging, cooking, crafting and I'm working on my photography skills. I tend to find myself in awkward situations but have learned to embrace it and laugh it off.

I met and married my husband in Denton, TX. We were married July 2008 and currently live in Roanoke, TX. We are like most young marrieds - trying to combine a busy life with lots of love and laughter. Each day is a new chance to smile! My husband is a youth pastor and I am his ever ready assistant. I love encouraging middle and high school students in their walk with the Lord.

Our little girl, Eva, joined us in September 2011. I love staying home with her each day, and we started homeschooling her the past year. This takes a lot of patience and work but is also so wonderful!

God has been abundantly faithful and loving to us, providing every step of the way. I'm excited to share my stories with you!

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  1. Yours is way cuter than mine. Your tabs actually have a flow. Like!!!!