Sunday, November 24, 2013

Granbury Vacation

Last week we took a little family get away to celebrate my 30th birthday. {Did you miss my last few posts? I turned 30.} The morning of my birthday Eva ran in our room saying, "Pappy Burbay!" Probably the cutest birthday wish I got all day. Then she was excited for me to open my presents. She literally just sat right there at the table waiting for me. 
After breakfast we packed up and headed to Granbury, Texas. When planning a get away we wanted someplace easy to take a two year old that was less than 2 hours away. Granbury is a fun little town to wonder around. Not tons to do, especially during the week, but enough for it to be different than sitting at home.
Downtown Granbury is very similar to downtown Denton,except that I felt like the shops in Granbury had slightly more things that I would tend to purchase.
Just before sunset we went to the Granbury beach. This was Eva's first time to go to a beach. True, it's not exactly the Pacific Ocean, but it was still beautiful. 
Running through the sand! So free. 
Walking along the shore. The water was cold but we put our feet in anyway. And then there was that time she fell in....we will just skip over that part.
One of my new favorite photos of us! 
Sunset at the beach was my favorite part of the whole trip. It was so peaceful and we were the only ones there. 
Ahh. Toes in the sand. Nature's pedicure.
If this was a painting it would be entitled, "Handsome Man at Sunset." 
Then it was time for dinner. We thought we'd hit up some place local. The concierge at the hotel said this was was good so we thought we'd try it out. We walked in and for the longest time no one acknowledged that we were there. We sat our selves....and waited....there were people at the bar area but no one who looked like they would be helping us. Sometimes I feel like we find ourselves in awkward situations. We kept thinking, "Do they actually serve food here?" No menus. No waitress. Nothing.
We finally did end up eating some catfish and it was okay, but the better part of the night was giggling about the awkwardness of the place. I think maybe it was a front for some secret business. I don't know.
Eva got to stay in a hotel for the first time! She was pretty excited when we told her we were all going to sleep in one big bed. I should share that since she was a little baby she has never slept with us. I would love to have had a baby that wanted to sleep and snuggle. Eva was never that baby. Any time we've ever put her with us she played and played and never ever slept. No co-sleeping for us. 
"Hi guys. Look how big I look in this conference chair. Ready for my next meeting." 
So then it was bedtime. We let her watch a movie to settle down. Then we embarked on the worst few hours ever. Trying to get her to go to sleep in the same bed as us was a nightmare. I'm sure that seems like I'm exaggerating. I'm not. She would not sleep. She got so worked up and was crying and disobeying in every way possible. I was crying and sure that we would be asked to leave the hotel. When she FINALLY went to sleep hours later I was so relieved. This was the low point of our get away. I'm not sure how I expected the hotel part to go, but it definitely wasn't like that. On to happier things.....
Early morning back at the beach! After our long night some play time on the beach was in order. I hadn't figured in how cold it would be at 9 AM in November so we were partially frozen.
Feeding the ducks! We didn't actually feed them. We would drop a shell, they would flock to us, they would realize it was only a shell, they would walk away. Repeat a hundred times. 
Chilly and somewhat tired, but so happy to be at the beach together. That's what makes family time special.
Then we went back to downtown Granburry to do a bit of shopping. We shall count this as Eva's Santa picture for the year. She was very shy and nervous. It was only a statue.
I will say, that every time we went out to eat Eva was so well behaved! You can never be sure how a hungry toddler will choose to act at a restaraunt and I was so happy that she made good choices. I gave her tons of praise and kisses and thanked her for being such a blessing at each meal. I will allow those sweet moments to replace my memories of sharing the hotel bed with her :)

Thankful for a good trip with my family!

Monday, November 18, 2013

30 Years

As it got close to Eva's first birthday I started to realize something. I felt like her birthday was important not only because she was turning one, but also because we had been together for a whole year! On her second birthday I felt the same way, like part of the celebration was for us being our own little family for two whole years.
So today on my own 30th birthday, I want to honor my wonderful mom who has lived life with me for 30 whole years as of today. I love my mom more than words could describe. She is one of my best friends and truly one of the most generous, loving people I know. She is always there to talk to or help me with anything. I may get suspicious that she loves Eva more than me (just kidding....) but I do love the way that she loves and supports me entire family.

Last week I sent her a few questions about our 30 years together. She was safely warned that I'd probably post them on my blog. Her are her responses.

1. What is one of your memories from the day I was born?
You weren’t supposed to be here for a month. I didn’t think I was in labor, until the doctor told me. Plus, you were born on the day of my baby shower. They had the shower without me and my girlfriend, who was also expecting, opened the presents. Then everyone came to the hospital, because I had you at 2:45 in the afternoon. I remember holding you and kissing your sweet little fingers and toes.

2. What is one thing about me that has changed over the past 30 years?
I see that you have become filled with a wondrous grace. You are such a good example for me to learn from.

3. What is one thing about me that has stayed the same?
I think you are still our “Cautious Kate” in many ways.

4. What is one unexpected change in our world/culture that you've seen or lived through the past 30 years?
Computers! I’m still amazed at how they have changed our world/culture. When you were born, they were these clunky, slow boxes, an incredible tool in the early eighties, and now they are so small and fast and can be used to do countless things. I often think about how they will morph into something completely different when Eva is grown.

5. In what ways am I most like you?
I think I am a very nurturing person. I see that same quality in you when I watch you with Eva and Ryan, and hear about how you are with your friends

6. In what ways am I most like Dad?
Well, you are very disciplined about exercise, and you might be a bit picky about food. Plus, you are good about how you handle finances, thrifty and careful. You also have both cheated at Monopoly. <That's totally true. I dare you to play a game of monopoly with me and my Dad.>

7. What was your life like the year you were 30?
As you know, 29 was an amazing year for me. When I was thirty, I had just started working as a massage therapist, which I really enjoyed. I also did some catering, I really liked that. I think I was rfinally becoming comfortable with who I was, as a woman, and what that meant.

8. What do you wish you knew at 30 or could tell your 30 year old self?
Try more new things. Also, keep challenging your mind with unknown experiences and ideas. I wish I had developed more discipline about taking care of myself.

9. What advice would you give me at 30?
Same as above, Plus, enjoy the small moments. Sing and dance with your child every day and tell your family you love them as often as possible.

10. What is your favorite memory of being my mom for 30 years?
There are so many to choose from. I love remembering when we both had strep throat and we watched Ann of Green Gables all day on a pallet in the den. I also remember the day you married Ryan as a wonderful day of possibilities. I felt like you were launched and really ready for your new life. I was so proud of you. But, I cant ever forget the day you became Eva’s Mama. So sweet!

Love you, Mom! Here is to our next 30 years!

Rustic Glam 30th Birthday Party

On Saturday night I celebrated my 30th birthday. I came across the idea of a rustic glam party theme on Pinterest and fell in love with it! The decor was lots of burlap and lace along with rich browns and glitzy gold.  While doing decor planning I realized how much of my home is already like that (oh, that's why I was drawn to that theme....) and I was also able to borrow a few extra touches.
The table spread! My mom was so awesome and offered to do all the party food. Our menu was beef tenderloin, salad, caprese bits, bacon wrapped little smokies, and spinach artichoke dip, plus a tray of easy foods for the kids. She did the most amazing job and I am so thankful for her!

I made the ribbon garland behind the table so we'd have a sparkly backdrop for the food. I cut up an old piece of burlap and used Eva's Crayola finger paints to paint on a "30." It worked! 
Let's talk about this cake. Oh, WOW. A friend from church made this and she did a phenomenal job. I was originally planning on doing my own cake but this turned out a million time better. I showed her some photos of what I was thinking and she interpreted it so well! It was dark chocolate with a white chocolate filling. She even put flecks of decorators gold on top to add some extra sparkle. She also had the idea of hanging sparkly gold earrings on the cake stand.  I have never had a cake this amazing!
I decorated the bar top as well. I made a matching smaller garland and added some lights, candles, and flowers. 
We moved ALL of the toys out of the playroom except for one small box to make room for tables. I forgot how big that room is when it's not covered in toys. 
One of my favorite touches. I draped one of my late grandmother's pearl necklaces over one of her crystal goblets. She would have loved to see that.
Somewhere in life I picked up two lady's etiquette books. These a worth a giggle to read. I draped them with a lace napkin, some more pearls, and topped with a candle. 
This beautiful candelabra was borrowed from a friend. It was exactly what I was picturing when I asked her if she had anything that would fit the theme.
I turned an old plastic planter upside down to elevate a vase of flowers and added these two white bottles. I think I got the bottles for 25 cents each many years ago and have used them in various places. The planter used to be what we used as a door stopper in the playroom. You never know what could be party decor until you start looking around your home! 
I also borrowed these lace place mats from the same friend that had the candelabra. Doesn't she have amazing taste? I love how vintage-beautiful these are without looking old lady-ish. 
I knew I wanted to use different jars for candles and flowers. I didn't realize how  many old jars I had stored away in my home! Typically when I buy a food that comes in glass jar I rinse it well and set it aside. I always figured I would want these one day. I had plenty of jars and just used left over ribbon and twine from the garlands to fancy them up. 
On to the party! This night wouldn't have happened with out my husband! When it comes to my birthday I am usually really excited but too timid to try to plan anything big. I think last year we ate at Fuzzy's Tacos and I had a crafting day with a couple of close friends. I hadn't had a party in like 8 years and he was the one who encouraged me to make it special. He and my mom planned a lot so that I wouldn't have to stress about things. That was probably the best gift I could have received! 
The cutest party guests! Eva, our 3 nieces, and 3 kids that belong to our friends. They were all so well behaved. I love each of these kiddos sooooo much!
I had to go through the line first since it was my party and then the moms fixed plates for the kids. Since we were the first ones eating I decided to join them. I guess 30 isn't too big for the kids' table! 
After dinner it was time for some dancing! We moved our furniture out and two-stepped all around. 
With sweet church friends.
"Happy Birthday" to me?!?! Soaking up the moment.
Why is Eva kissing me? Because I finally let her have a bit of cake. When the cake got dropped off that afternoon she said, "CAKE! CAKE! CAKE!" and couldn't wait to try some. Me, too, little girl.
 Opening some presents!
With my best friend Marianne. 
 With my Bradley family. There are a lot of us!
With my parents. 30 years with them has been good. I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents. I love them so much! 
Nana out on the dance floor with some grandbabies! 
Dancing my heart out with the love of my life! 
One last shot of the world's best cake. I wish I could share a piece with everybody who is reading this blog :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday
My sister in-law Amanda, as well as other blog friends, frequently do a Five on Friday blog posting to share fun things or ideas from their week. I've been wanting to blog more but don't always have enough for a full post so I'm hopping on this band wagon.

Last Friday my husband got to dance with the Byron Nelson HS drill team, the Dazzlers. He stole my dream of being an honorary Dazzler when we was asked to fill in and perform for the Dazzler's Dad dance. He was pretty handsome practicing his little routine around the house and did a great job performing at half-time!

We are still struggling with the whole pacifier thing over here. It's been over two weeks! Eva still mentions it at bedtime and is having a hard time sleeping well. If I had known how hard it was going to be I would have waited....or maybe done it sooner? The best part of my evening is when Eva covers me in sweet kisses while I sing to her and rub her back at bedtime. The worst part is the loud screaming and tears that inevitably appear when I leave the room.

Sunday night we took a group of 50 students to go play whirly ball. What is whirly ball, you ask? Oh just your basic game of bumper cars meets basketball meets lacrosse. And my husband happens to be strangely awesome at it.
Both my DSLR camera memory card and iPhone are full. This is always a hard moment. I know my photos are backed up in two other places but I hate to delete them. Not only can I not take pictures, but I have 23 updates waiting on my phone. I know that with my birthday, a mini-vacation, and the holidays coming up I need to just delete everything but it's so hard. My iPhone still has photos on it from the first day I got it last December....along with 1,870 other photos....which is why the memory is full.

I got a new heated blanket this week (okay, it's not the one in my photo but I already had this photo uploaded). My previous one was about 15 years old and probably a safety hazard. This one isn't big (really only a throw blanket) but it's big enough for me to snuggle up under. I seriously think I get colder than any other person I know. The other night I was wearing two pairs of fuzzy socks and my feet were still frozen hours later! With my new blanket I will be warm all winter  long. Now I'm ready to hibernate in my comfy chair until March.

Have a Happy Weekend!!!!