Monday, October 25, 2010

Party Like a Rockstar.

You know how there are some people who decide at a certain age not to celebrate their birthday? Or those who are shy and don't like the attention? Well, neither of those descriptions describe Ryan. Ryan LOVES his birthday. On any given day he can tell you how many days it is until his birthday. Really any day. Like on March 23rd he can tell you how many days it is until October 10th. He started talking to me about his birthday before we were even dating. Not in a selfish way. He just loves his birthday. And since this year his birthday was on 10/10/10 we really celebrated.

Starting a whole week before we had our family up. His brother Greg's birthday is Oct. 3rd so we combined them. If you look closely, Greg's cake is made like a pizza. Melody (his wife) is an awesome caterer and made it just for him because he loves pizza! It was super cute!
The Friday before his birthday we celebrated with our church friends. We hosted small group at our house and had more cake. Our friend Scott got Ryan this warm Cowboy's snuggie, which I'm actually wearing right now as we watch the Cowboy game on Monday night football!
Saturday- 1 day before the real big day- we went to Celebrate Roanoke. I love small town festivals. We found this fun pumpkin patch outside of a country store and sat down for a pic. Ooh, I love those pumpkins!
We also think it is funny to take pictures in cut out boards. If you are a regular blog reader, I'm sure you've seen other pics like this of us. I'm not sure why its so funny to me... I hope it makes you smile!
Vote for me!
We stopped by the bookstore in Dowtown Roanoke. They had a huge Fancy Nancy book! If you are a teacher, you will appreciate this!
And what would any festival be without a live gun fight acted out in period 1850's clothing? I'm glad it was just pretend. No one was hurt in the reinaction of this famous shooting.
Finally it was the big day. 10/10/10. Ryan preached at church that morning... no pictures to document because they frown on having the paparazzi there :) That evening we went bowling at Main Event. I let him beat me at bowling since it was his birthday. But I showed no mercy at Air Hockey or Dance, Dance, Revolution!
Does anyone else ever wonder about what to wear when they go bowling? Bowling shoes are pretty ridiculous with any outfit.
The birthday boy and his bowling ball. It had a number 10 on it. The perfect end to a perfect celebration!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fee, Fie, Fo, Fumb!!!!!

Ryan and I live on the 2nd floor of a 3 story apartment building. As a result, we frequently hear people walking- loudly- above us. We have come to endearingly call them "The Stompertons." At 6:00am we open our eyes and think, "Oh good, the Stompertons are awake." Its always so fun to hear someone else showering and getting ready during that last 30 minutes of sleep that you are trying to preciously hold on to. During the day when one of us is home from work we think "Hmm... the Stompertons must be home too." What kind of jobs do they have that they are always around????? In the evening we want to kindly remind them, "Go to bed Stompertons." Once we even hosted a meet and greet ice cream sundae party for our neighbors and as we were sitting in the living room said to each other, "Obviously the Stompertons are home. Why don't they want to come meet us?"

I'm pretty sure that I've actually seen Mr. Stomperton (and perhaps the Mrs.?) out with their dog, but I didn't get the awkward opportunity to introduce myself to them. So sadly, we still don't know their names. Just the sound of their big giant feet. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eat More Chicken!

Today for lunch I headed for Chick-fil-a. I had to run a few secret birthday errands for some guy I love that is about to turn 24 so instead of running home for lunch like I normally do I stopped by for some chicken. Now here is my lifelong dilemma... EVERY TIME I go to Chick-fil-a I can never decide if I want a chicken sandwich or a kid's meal with chicken nuggets. I know this is silly, but I always start getting nervous about my decision in the car and then when I walk inside I stand there for 5 minutes with a confused look upon my face as I try to decide. They ask, "Can I help you?" and I think, "No. I have to learn to make this decision on my own." The chicken sandwich is my original Chick-fil-a love. I love the whole chicken-bun-mayo combination that is so much better than any other fast food place. But getting a chicken sandwich meal is way to much food for me and makes me full to full and sleepy in the afternoon. Of course, I have to get a meal in order to get the wonderful waffle fries and a Diet Coke. Normally at a restaurant I only eat half my food and take the left overs home for the next day, but a chicken sandwich meal isn't actually enough food to do that, it's just too much to eat at once. And wasting it is out of the question. Then on the agreement side of the chicken nuggets.... I like the big kids meal that gives you 6 instead of 4. And it's a few dollars cheaper than then sandwich meal. I don't need a big size drink because I never drink that much soda. Plus you get a toy! And Chick-fil-a gives out books that I like to get, even though I'm not teaching anymore. (They were the cute "If you give a mouse a cookie" books too). Oh... so many things to consider.

In the end, I went with the kids 6 piece nugget meal. It was a good amount of food, and it was cheaper, but I did kinda miss the sandwich. I think they need to start selling tiny chicken sandwiches on the kid's menu- that would be the best of both worlds!