Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Thoughts

Hello, and happy Friday! One of my goals for the summer is to try to blog at least once a week because I really do love writing and blogging, I just need to find time to If my computer will cooperate....
1. Last night I made an amazing Nutella fruit dip for our small group. I've had the recipe open on my phone browser for a few weeks and finally had the occasion to make it! It's really healthy if you overlook the Nutella, cream cheese, marshmallow cream, and cocoa powder....oh wait, that's the whole recipe. But seriously, my family could eat a whole jar of Nutella at once! That's why I could only make this recipe when I knew I could share it with others.
2. Thursday was our last moms group of the year. I've been with this group for two years now, first as an official MOPS group and this year it was called Moms Connect. I really love having a place to go and fellowship and learn from others moms every week while Eva has fun going to her class. We will  miss it so much over the summer! For the last day we all wrote encouraging notes to each other. Eva and I stopped by Starbucks afterwards and it made me so happy to sit and read all the notes people wrote to me. Thanks, ladies!
3. This week Eva and I also officially finished her three year old school curriculum. I used the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum this year and I liked it. I will probably use it for next year but I'm not for sure. Over the summer I want to make a plan to work with her a certain amount each week on certain skills so she doesn't forget what we've worked on all year now. And I am MOST excited to do a weekly science activity with her! The curriculum we used didn't have much science and although I had intended to add more in it didn't quite happen. I've already pinned and planned out 12 fun science things to do with her over the summer and I'm really looking forward to it!!!!
4. Spiders. Eww. Our house has a lot of them. It's not like we are filthy people, we just have lots of tall grassy areas all around our home so they come inside somehow. I know for a fact they sneak in because I recently did an extremely thorough vacuuming of all the nooks and crannies and found no spiders, yet there seems to be another one in our house each day. They are mostly some sort of non poisonous grass spider but I still despise them. I feel like they are just waiting somewhere watching me. Get out of my home, creeepers!
5. Like most people we've gotten tons of rain for the past few months. Honestly, I'm kind of still liking it. I used to be a summer lover but now I get too hot. Yeah, I'm that old person now complaining about the heat in Texas. I will take cooler, cloudy days even if it means delaying pool fun.
6. Speaking of pool fun, our neighborhood one opened the first weekend in May but it's been too chilly to venture out there. We did visit the splash pad nearby this week and had fun playing with friends there.
7. Do you notice my blog has no photos? It's because I've become terrible at remembering to take them. I usually snap one a day of Jensen on my phone. Eva doesn't usually want to take a picture so I've decided to let it go with hopes that if I don't make a big deal out of it she will decide to pose again.
8. You know how they tell you to let the house work go and embrace your kids during the years they are little and at home? I'm trying to really embrace that because I know it is true that usually house work can wait. Except then it has a way of creeping back up on you....and eventually there is tons to do. Like I should be mopping right now, but I'm not. Maybe later....
9.  I really want a good summer project, like something crafty. I'm thinking about making one of those wooden boards that look like a ruler and you can record your kids' measurements. I have a good place for it and think I could figure it out. I also want to keep decluttering my home because clutter and stuff makes me feel antsy. If only I had more time...maybe if I keep putting off mopping the floors....
10. And finally, we are officially on STAY-CATION!!! Ryan is off all the next week, except for Sundays, so we plan to live it up! Originally we wanted to go somewhere, but then we remembered that we purchased a home, a minivan, and a NICU baby all in the past year and therefor our vacation fund was at about zero. So instead we are going to take some family time to local fun and relaxation.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Here is a bit of a May catch up blog. I think my children's faces above perfectly capture the craziness that has been our life this month :) Oh, I love these two little people so much.
A couple of weekends ago Ryan had to be out of town on a Saturday so I planned a fun morning to mix it up. We went and got Starbucks snacks, folded down the back seat of the mini-van and then spent over an hour playing games back there. Eva is really into the Disney Guess Who game right now.
Little buddy was there too! How could you not fall in love with that smile?
The next day was Mother's Day and we started our morning off at church. Then we came home and I got the best gift....a 2 hour long nap! When was the last time I got that luxury?
That night we kept it casual and went to a small cafe in Keller. We got some dinner and frozen yogurt then hung out and played games together. 
Monday night Young Life had their country club so we got dressed up and joined the fun. 
I love my crazy farmer!
Saturday was a busy day, starting with our neices birthday. Sweet Mallory will be 4 years old this week! She had a bouncy-fun party at Urban Air Trampoline Park.
Between parties we headed back to Nana and Papa's house for some rest time.
Finally, we wrapped our weekend with our other nieces' party. Kiersi just turned 9 and Kayden will soon be 8. Lots of birthday love for all these beautiful girls!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Months Old

Jensen at THREE Months
Weight: 14 lbs (according to my scientific way of standing on the scale holding you, no checkup this month)
Height: not sure, but you are definitely more ROUND than you are little bowling ball :)

Clothing Size: 6-9 months (Yes, you read that right. All that round belly has to go somewhere. I packed away your 3 month clothes this week. Break your mama's heart...)
Diaper: Size 2
Shoe Size: 1 (I don't put you in shoes often but you have a cute pair of blue "Sperry" type baby shoes that fit you well)
Accomplishments: rolling from your tummy to your back (only 4 times so far), pushing down on your feet to stand up when we hold you, sleeping in your crib (instead of your swing), holding your head up like a champ, having sweet baby conversations with Mama, Daddy, and Eva.

Sleep Schedule: you are finally settling into 4-5 actual naps a day (instead of just dozing off whenever) - it kind of depends on whether you wake up on your own or are woken up to go somewhere or because Eva is a loud person.... I put you to bed around 8PM, you usually wake up after an hour or so, then go back to bed around 10:30 PM, you wake up some time between 5 AM and 7 AM to eat then go back to sleep again until about 8:30AM.

Feeding Schedule: you are FINALLY going longer stretches. Usually 2-2 1/2 hours between feedings, sometimes more like 3 hours. For you that is a big improvement and has helped you take better naps.
 This month you have discovered your hands and love to chew on them. You still don't care for a pacifier, you prefer to chew on your hand. You like to be worn in my sling carrier and will usually fall asleep on me. You also love to kick and wiggle your hands. You like to sit up in your Bumbo or to wiggle around your playmat. You haven't intentionally reached for toys yet but I think you are getting closer to that. You will do tummy time for short periods of time and then you get grumpy. Your personality seems so even are okay having your sister be crazy in your face or okay being on your own playing for a few minutes while I take care of things. You spit up a lot, maybe you need to regulate how much milk you think you need :) You cry like an old man when you are hungry but other than that are pretty relaxed. You were sick with a cold for the first time last week. It was so sad to see your little face looking sick and pitiful. You are still the best napping buddy and I love to snuggle in bed with you, especially early in the mornings. I wish I could just be still and hold you all day long, I already miss you being my tiny newborn.
And just for fun - a comparison of Jensen and Eva, both at 3 months. I see some similarities but they also have their own features and for sure their own personalities!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family Day in Dallas

On Saturday we loaded up the minivan and took our littles to downtown Dallas. We took advantage of the Bank of America Museums on Us program to get in FREE to the Perot Museum. If you are a BOA member, you should look into this! They have deals with museums all across the country!
Eva kept asking us if there would be a snake there. We told her we weren't sure but sure enough, that was the first thing we saw when we walked into the children's area on the lowest level. 
Her favorite activity of the whole museum was the water table. She played there for a long time, and at the end of the day begged us to go back downstairs so she could play some more. 
She also loved the construction site area where she could put a foam brick on a conveyor belt and use a wheel to raise it up to the next level. 
 View from the top - my sweet construction worker :)
Then she wanted to create some art. 
Next she played with the food at the farmer's market stand. 
Ryan and I liked the dinosaur area. Nothing makes you feel dumb like trying to explain science things - like dinosaurs, planets, and energy - to your three year old.
Hahaha, I like this photo of Ryan building and Eva kissing her little buddy. That's how much she adores him.
Learning about the science of wind. Something else that is hard to explain. 
After the museum we decided to walk over to Klyde Warren Park. We got some yummy lunch from the food trucks. This was our first time there and it was really fun, although very hot and crowded on a Saturday.
Smart mama had thought ahead to pack her swimsuit just in case we wondered over to the park after the museum. I didn't know what there water area looked like but knew they had something. Glad I did! 
No swimsuit for the little man. Just a diaper and a smile!
Climbing around and pretending to be Tarzan.
Walking back to the car. I love seeing them talk to each other in the stroller. We love our sit and stand stroller!
Spur of the moment we also decided to go to Ryan's parents. His grandmother was in town and she really wanted to see the kids. This was Jensen's first time to visit Nana's house!
Also on a whim it worked for the whole family to go out and celebrate our nieces birthday. Happy 9th Birthday, Kiersi! We ended the night with some delicious Texas Roadhouse and family time.