Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ninja Mouse Strikes Again

The other morning (Friday) the husband and I were sitting at our dining room table enjoying breakfast. The marshmallow treasures were delicious, we were laughing and telling each other what we had going on for the day when DUN DUN DUUUNNN..... I realized the Ninja Mouse aka Ratatoui had struck again!!! Our table normally had 3 different votive holders on it each with a small tea light candle put on top of some sand. The middle tea light candle was missing! I know FOR SURE that it was there a couple of days ago because I replaced the old ones that had been burnt out and even remember asking Ryan if the one in the middle looked right inside of the larger holder. Of course, my detective mind immediately know that our mouse friend is the suspect. Ryan thinks otherwise. Did he take it? No. Is he playing a trick on me? No. Did my mom, Erica, or Monica take it? No.... as far as I know. If one of y'all did you need to just confess it to me. And those are the only people that have been to our home in the past week. As I'm finishing my marshmallow treasures I beg Ryan to go google it for me. Ahh, google. Something else I love. Anytime we have a problem or question my answer is always to "Google it!" Ryan thinks I'm crazy to want to google at 7am. Ok, since he won't do it I will. I google to find out that mice do in fact like to eat candles. Ah, the evidence thickens. And I notice traces of sand on our table that would lead one to assume that the mouse somehow, with his sub-human strength, got inside of the votive holder, which is inside of a large marble filled vase, took the candle, and escaped with bits of sand on his sneaky little paws. Well, I think that proves my point. Now why would a mouse want a candle? To eat? Maybe, although it doesn't sound good to me. So that it can read a tiny mouse book by candle light? Cute. Someone even suggested to me that maybe the mouse wants to have a tiny campfire somewhere and have sing-a-longs with its friends. That a least comforts me. I hope that Ratatoui is somewhere happy, but if he continues to visit our apartment we will need to go to more drastic measures to remind him he isn't welcome.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

When I rescued Cosby 4 years ago from the rough streets of Denton, I was lucky that he was already trained. He was house broken and knew to go potty outside. He knew how to "sit." He was generally well behaved. But he did NOT know how to shake. I've joked around about teaching him for years but have never really tried.
His New Year's Resolutions were:
1.Don't Die- He had been very sick back in October and the vet
thought he only had weeks to live. Thankfully we were able to treat his
heart problems and get him on medication for Cushing's disease. For a dog his age, the vet considers him to now be in reasonably good health. We are so thankful for more time with him. So his goal this year is to
keep living :)
2.Move around a little- Cosby has never been an active dog.
He prefers to cuddle on the couch. When he was sick he barely got off his
bed. However, now he has gotten back to his "playful" self. He will
carry his bone up and down our stairs and hide it (you know, in case
someone tried to steal it). He prances around at meal time. He even lets
us chase his around the house. So this goal is going well
3.Learn to shake- HURRAY!!!! Today, after about a week of
work, he has finally learned to shake hands. It started last week with me
poking his leg until he put his paw in my hand and then me praising him and giving him a treat. Today I was able to just hold up a dog treat and say "Cosby, shake." And he did! I'm so proud of him. We practiced over and over to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Ryan is my witness.
What will he learn next? Probably stay and come. Maybe he'll even
be ready to perform at the State Fair next year?!?!? Maybe not......

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 Day Weekends Are A Blessing

Today it was back to work after a fun filled 3 day weekend.

Ryan and I started off our weekend by going out to eat at Aubelo's in Lewisville. I was so happy to go there and order a piece of Tres Leches cake. I have been waiting and waiting to eat this cake since my birthday. I had originally planned on eating there for my birthday back in November but when plans changed I had to adapt and forgo my Tres Leches cake. It was definitely worth the wait.

Then on Saturday Ryan and I went to a wedding for his friends Doug and Katie from high school. It was held at First Baptist Dallas so it was quite a drive but worth it. The wedding was beautiful and they had a delicious hot chocolate bar. After the wedding on Saturday we drove to my parents' house in Garland. My grandpa turned 79 a few weeks ago and we were celebrating. My uncle Paul was in town and it was great to get to talk and visit with him. Paul has always been fun to hang out with. I really appreciate getting to spend time with my family. I have wonderful grandparents, loving parents, and plenty of other relatives to talk to when we all get together! We also got to play Monopoly Deal, one of our favorite card games. Its like Monopoly except its just cards and can be played in about 15 minutes. I love it. Everyone I know loves it. Except for my friend Erica and sister in law Melody. But for most people, its better than the original. Saturday night I came home and finished reading my latest novel, As Sure As The Dawn. This book is by Francine Rivers, one of my favorite authors, and told the story of a German gladiator who eventually becomes a Christian and takes the Gospel back to his village.

Sunday morning Ryan and I went to church at Redeemer and then came home to rest and relax. Well I rested and relaxed. He stressed about the Cowboy's downfall. Since I had finished my book the night before I decided after my nap to walk to the library down the street and check out some new books. The Denton library makes it easy to get all the books I want to read.

Monday got off to a great start when I met my friend Ashley and some of her roommates for breakfast at Old West. Yum. I got the Buck a Roo... french toast, eggs, and sausage. I love Old West but I hardly ever get to go eat there because I'm usually at work, church, or sleeping in on Saturdays! After Old West I came home and read Unveiled, another Francine Rivers book about Tamar from the Old Testament. I read the whole book! Then I made a berry pie. It was my 3rd time to make this pie and the crust came out the best it ever has! Hurray!!!! Ryan and I had dinner and played some Yahtzee! I think he beat me both times, but oh well! Then Monica and Erica came over for some Bachelor drama. Oh the women they choose for that show!
So, to sum up my weekend, it was lots of eating, reading, games, and friends. These are some of the best things in life to me!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

To the ends of the Earth

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses- telling people about Me everywhere- in Jerusalem, throughout Judea,
in Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth."
Acts 1:8

To the ends of the Earth... well right now, for us, that is Westlake, TX. For those of you who haven't heard, Ryan recently was offered a position as the youth pastor at Redeemer Church at Westlake. Redeemer Church is part of the Acts 29 network of church plants. Ryan heard about the opportunity from our friend Andrew, whom he is doing Tommy Nelson's Program with. Andrew is also the music pastor at Redeemer. For the past month, Ryan, Andrew, our pastor Scott, and all of our families have been praying about this decision. Ryan was officially hired right before Christmas and we began attending Redeemer the next Sunday.

Everyone at the church is so friendly and welcoming. Right now it is still very small (only about 50 people compared to 3,000 at Denton Bible) and Ryan is only on staff part time. Hopefully in 2010 the church and youth group will continue to grow and Ryan will eventually be full time.

"You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others."
2 Timothy 2:2

Changing churches from Denton Bible to Redeemer is definitely a transition. I truly love Denton and over the past 8 years Denton Bible has become my church family. All of my best friends were made through Bible studies. I went on some life changing mission trips with College Life, part of Denton Bible. I was baptized in the chapel. Ryan and I were also married in the chapel. Tommy is a wonderful pastor and teacher. I love the feeling of walking into service and knowing so many good friends.

However, as hard as it is to become part of a new fellowship and family, I am also at peace that it is what pleases God the most. I feel that I have been taught and discipled and now it is time to share what I have learned with a new community. Looking at the New Testament, the disciples were absolutely challenged to grow and take their faith to new places. The early church would not have been effective is Jesus' disciples stayed as a small group in Jerusalem their entire lives. I know that in time God will bless our obedience to leave what is comfortable and provide a new church family. I am excited to work alongside Ryan as his wife and get to teach and love our youth group. I don't always feel that I am worthy to mentor students but I trust that God will use me and my life experiences.

As silly as it may sound, I try to look at this opportunity with the same perspective that a missionary would. A missionary often has to leave what is familiar, say good bye to old friends, sleep in new places, learn new cultures and customs, and fight the urge to cling to what is comfortable. But missionaries also get to experience new, exciting things, make new friends, experience God's provision, and hopefully see new believers come to know Christ. That is a sacrifice I am so willing to make.

Its also a blessing to have a few familiar faces at Redeemer with us. Andrew, our music pastor, played for College Life and Denton Bible and brings many familiar songs for worship. His wife Monica, is close with my best friend, Erica, and although I don't know Monica that well yet, I love her fun spirit and from what I know from Erica, I know she will be a good friend. I think going to a new church would be even more challenging if we had to walk in knowing nobody. So I am thankful for the beginnings of our friendship with them.

As you read my blog, I would ask that you pray for Redeemer and for us. Pray that Redeemer would grow as new people come and visit from the community. Pray for Scott, our pastor, that he would continue preach messages from the Scripture that would change hearts. Pray for the youth group, that kids would come and that overtime we can build strong friendships. Pray for Ryan, that he would have discernment and encouragement as begins to build a group and create a routine. Pray that financially Ryan would be able to be on staff full time. Pray for us for the next year, that we would be patient for seeing where and what God wants us to do and that we would always be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this :)

P.S. For those of you wondering, we still haven't caught our rodent friend living in the kitchen. Traps and bait are set out but not working. I plan to call our apartment office again tomorrow to see what else we need to do. For now, we have named our unwelcomed house guest Ratatoui.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Today we have no school because of the ice and cold weather that came through Denton last night. Although I enjoy having days off in the spring, its always a treat to get to sleep in and enjoy a day at home! Besides, I have already gone to school/work for 2 whole days this week! Time for a break :) Whenever I wake up and find out that is really cold outside I always joke with Ryan and say, "That's it, I'm not going." Today I actually meant it! Good thing too, cause the wind chill outside is 11 degrees!

So I got to sleep in (after my 5:30am wake up call to say school was cancelled) and now I plan to relax all day. I had a nice quiet time and finished reading Acts in my Bible. Its awesome to read about how God used Paul and extreme situations to spread the Gospel to parts of the world that otherwise might not have heard it that quickly. I love to be reminded of God's faithfulness and to be thankful that even though we are unsure of the future that God already knows and can use all situations to His glory!

The rest of the day I am planning to have lunch with my best friend Erica, make a stop at the Denton library, cook dinner, and play games tonight with Ryan! I hope all the other teacher's enjoy their day off and that everyone stays warm and safe! Happy Ice Day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

On the Wings of Love

Good news! The Bachelor started back tonight on ABC. The bachelor this season is Jake Pavelka from Denton, Texas. He is the handsome pilot from last season. I secretly wish that he would marry one of my beautiful friends instead of some stranger, but it will be fun to watch him this season. Ryan and I love to watch The Bachelor together and make predictions throughout the season. ( On a side note, between the last season and now Ryan got to meet Jake at the Olive Garden, so really they are like bffs now). I really hope that Jake takes his dream girl on a date to the Denton Courthouse and Beth Marie's. They could even go up in the Wells Fargo bank and see all of Denton through the 8th floor window. Hmm, maybe that would be too much like the field trip we take our 2nd graders on.... but still, they would have been right down the street from me!

As much as I love watching, I do always find it ironic that the girls are on man hunt. I'm thankful that I never had to feel like I was competing for my husband. Not that I never felt competitive in dating in my life, but it was never like that with Ryan. Everything was always so natural and I loved that we never played games or pretended to be someone who we weren't. I believe that since God is in complete control of who you will marry one day that when you're really with the one you're supposed to be with, you don't have to compete. The man who was created for you will realize that he loves you in time without you being crazy or pretending. I can't imagine loving Ryan but feeling like he might choose another woman at any moment. Having a strong marriage takes alot of work, but I don't think it should be work to get someone who should be courting you to take notice. Good thing I was never on the Bachelor!
And my prediction for this season is Tenley.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Mouse in the House

So for the past week Ryan and I have thought that maybe there was a mouse or some other small creature living in our kitchen somewhere. A while back we heard some scratching but thought it was probably squirrels on our roof. My grandmother sent up a beautiful Christmas arrangement with pine cones, roses, berries, and pine tree branches. Every so often I would realize that when we woke up in the morning there were pine tree branches on the bar area where the arrangement was. Also we had a gingerbread house that we made and we had noticed that is seemed like the powdered sugar "snow" would disappear. Then a couple of days ago I was walking by our bar area and I realized that a small bowl of mint candies that i had set out was completely empty. Now, I assumed Ryan ate them and he thought I ate them. We asked each other and even thought he said no, I thought he was joking. But last night convinced us of the truth. We woke up this morning to f ind the petals from all of the roses scattered across the bar, along the counter top, and in a huge pile on the floor next to our dishwasher. There was also a surprising hole next to the dishwasher that we had never noticed before!

I plan to call the maintence people for our apartment office tomorrow. The kids in my class just finished reading a novel about The Littles, tiny 6 inch people with tails who live in the home of normal people. The Little take things and cause mischeif around the house the live, but they also help the owners. I keep imagaing The Little family living family behind my dishwasher. But it's probably a mouse or squirrel. It better not be a rat. Whatever it is, I just want it to leave. I don't want to be the one to kill it or find it dead!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi everybody! Happy New Year! For my new years resolution I decided to start a blog so that I can share fun things that Ryan and I get to do. We discussed alot of clever blog names but I picked Breakfast with the Bradleys because Ryan and I used to joke about having a morning TV or radio show with this name. Feel free to check and read my updates while you enjoy your favorite breakfast foods. I always love to read everybody's blogs and this way everyone can read about us. More fun stories to come...