Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

This weekend, I've been home sick the whole time. Actually, I've been sick the past 3 weeks. I thought I was getting better, but then I started feeling like I couldn't breathe again and had a fever, so after school on Friday I went back to the doctor to get more meds. Yuck. But everything has an upside- and the upside to my boring weekend is that the Hallmark channel has played a Little House on the Prairie marathon.

I love Little House on the Prairie. When I was little my mom read me ALL of the original chapter books. I love imagining the pioneer times. My friends and I, in the picture above, used to play "Old Fashioned". We covered my 4 poster bed with sheets to turn it into a covered wagon. My loving mom eventually sewed enough bonets for all of us to wear, along with old clothes that seemed fitting to the time period. The picture above was taken one year for Halloween, but we really dressed up and played Old Fashioned often.

I also love the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love how her family grew up believing in Christianity and that Ma and Pa expected their children to do what they were told (why did that ever go out of style?) I love that Laura was so close to her sister Mary. I love that Laura became a school teacher. I love that Laura met and fell in love with Almanzo Wilder after a sweet courtship. When I reread the book about Laura and Almanzo a few years ago it reminded me of falling in love with Ryan.

In 2nd grade we study the prairie and we get to watch certain episodes of Little House on DVD that incorporate life back then on the prairie, economics, and the use of natural resources. I don't think I've ever been so thankful for a TEK. Most of my kids really enjoy watching the show even though its so different from anything they'd normally watch. One year we even wrote a class book called Little Class on the Prairie after a field trip to a preserved prairie in Denton.

So tonight I'm just sitting here on the couch, enjoying my Little House. Right now it's actually the newer made for TV movie with different actors. My mom doesn't like the new one but I do because the girls look a little like the girls that my mom nannys for. If they ever need a new actress for grown up Laura, or maybe even Ma, I volunteer to play the role.

Every Dinosaur Has His Last Day

Friday afternoon at 2:50pm. You can imagine that my classroom is a little crazy as I'm cleaning up from my Friday drawing club, where I showed a mixed class of 2nd-4th graders how to draw this dinosaur. Kids are hustling about, stacking chairs, and shoving folders and books into backpacks. Then my phone rings. I found out that one of my students was moving, today was his last day, and that I needed to get his supplies ready. I had knew this student would be moving but he had told me earlier in the week that it wouldn't be until next Friday. I had to sadly go over and whisper the news to him. Oh my gosh. So heartbreaking. He told me it was okay for me to tell the class that it was his last day. So there, in the last 5 minutes before 3:00, I had to tell me kids. He cried, my kids cried, and I'll admit that I was doing my best to hold back the tears.

The ironic thing is that to most people, even some teachers, it wouldn't be a sad moment. This is a student who is challenging and who I had to frequently hold his hand as my class walked down the hallway. But beneath the outer layer, this little kid had a big heart. When he would apologize to me, I knew he meant it. He knew who the "good" kids in class were and admired them, even if that admiration didn't quite show in a normal way.

As a teacher, I have discovered that the kids that are the hardest, the most challenging, are the ones that I keep closest in my heart. Even after each year passes, those are the kids- somehow always boys- that I continue to pray for even after they've moved to the next grade, or in most cases, have moved away. So I'll keep praying for my little friend and I hope that he makes good friends at his new school.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Not About A Bunny

For Easter weekend Ryan and I went and spent the weekend with my parents. We went down on Saturday so we could spend extra family time. We got to go out to eat at Blue Mesa Saturday night and I cooked all my Easter food with my mom in the kitchen.
One reason we stayed with my parents was to visit my Uncle Paul. Paul lives in New Jersey so we don't get to visit with him very often.

For Easter lunch everyone went over to my parent's house. I love this picture of my grandparents, mom, and her 2 brothers.

I was very thankful that my parents got to go to church with Ryan and I Sunday morning. Even though it was a long drive, they worshiped with us at Redeemer, our new church in Westlake, TX. Church was a sweet time to remember that Easter is about celebrating that Jesus is alive and that we can walk with HIM daily and enjoy God's love. I hope my family enjoyed our service as much as Ryan and I did.

I wish we could live closer to my parents so that I could cook with my mom more often.

We also had Easter with Ryan's family at his brother and sister in-law's house. It was so cute to watch the girls go hunting after their eggs. Their were money eggs and candy eggs. Kayden said she liked the candy eggs best...
.... but Kiersi was definitely after those money eggs!

It's so wonderful to see the girls playing and laughing together.

Don't worry, girls, Cosby won't go after any of your Easter eggs. He won't go after anything.

After the egg hunt Kayden tried on my pink flower heels. A girl after my heart. I hope everyone had as fun an Easter as we did!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rock Star Best Friend

Friday night one of my best friends Ashley Gatta performed at the Hydrant. I was so excited to go because it was the first time for me to see her perform with her new band, Ashley Gatta & The Free People. I have known Ashley since we met several years ago in Bible study and it has been amazing to see how God has allowed her talent to grown and provided her with many opportunities to perform. Ashley is an awesome singer and song writer... although she has never fulfilled her promise to let me laugh in the background of one of her songs.
It was cool to hear her band play and give a more complete sound to her music. She also included a fan sing along time during her show. I love sing alongs! Lucky for Ashley, I have her songs on my ipod so I really know all the words.


Watch the video for a short clip of Ashley playing.

Right now Ashley and her band are in a contest to win 6 weeks worth of hotel stays so that they could go on tour. Please go to and vote for her. It would be such an awesome opportunity if they won!!!!

A Sticky Situation

Back during the holiday time I had the cute idea of putting our initials on our front door as part of our Christmas decorations. They looked especially beautiful frosted in snow. That was in December. Come January I decided to take the letters down when I packed up the rest of the Christmas decor. The only problem was that I couldn't get off the Velcro sticky circles that I used to hung them. So since January we had 6 little Velcro circles stuck to our door. Hmm, how could we get those off of our door? I googled the problem, of course. I found out that you can use a hair dryer's heat to make the sticky get loose and then peel off the Velcro.

3 months later, on April 1st, I decided to actually try this. So I plugged in my beautiful hot pink hair dryer on Thursday night and stood there shooting hot air at the door. Oh hello, neighbors. Yes, I am using my hair dryer on my door. No, I'm not crazy, just clever.... it actually worked! Wow. I should have followed my google advice months ago. The only problem left was that the Velcro left a sticky residue on our door. No worries though. I used another wonderful product, Goo Gone. I actually invented Goo Gone as a child except that I simply called it UN. Something stuck and you need it unstuck? Use a little UN. I really tried to market it to my parents. But I never patented it and those spies at Goo Gone stole my idea. Anyway, I used Goo Gone and now we have a nice clean door. The end.