Tuesday, July 22, 2014

June & July

Oh HELLO, old blog. Haven't posted in quite a while...almost 6 weeks! Basically during that time we suddenly decided to buy a house and spent most of our time packing, unpacking, and living like they did in the dark ages - without Internet! We've either been super busy, or busy trying to catch a moment to relax! I will be writing about the house later because that story is incredible enough to deserve it's own post. So, what have we been doing this summer? First, Eva learned to love riding her bike. This was back before temps sky rocketed but she has gotten pretty good on her tricycle.
While Ryan was at Young Life camp we stayed a night at Nana & Papa's. Eva took Mallory for a wagon ride :) 
I got to see my friend Tasha's precious new TWIN babies! Tasha was my friend way back in middle school but I haven't seen her much since those days. She lives near Ryan's parents so we were able to meet up and I got to love on sweet Sadie. I loved on the other twin, Rylan, but Rylan wanted her mama more than me. I understand.
Eva and I went swimming with Aunt BB. When Brooke (BB) was little she never understood why all I wanted to do was lounge on a raft. Now she has finally mastered the art of tanning, just in time for Eva to want to play with her! #circleoflife
We played with my parents' dogs. I love that they are all tilting their heads!
We had a girls' night with some of our BSM girls and laughed a lot!
We moved! Yes, I am writing a separate post but I had to throw this one in there. A big THANK YOU to everybody that helped us move! 
Home sweet home! Nothing like that sweaty, moving day photo. And we want YOU to come visit us!
My friend Ashley got married at a beautiful winery. Her ceremony was so sweet and Jesus centered and the best moment was when she, her new husband, and her little boy Jude all poured sand together in a jar. Jude kept adding more tiny pinches of his sand. I love him!
We celebrated our friend Brett's 18th birthday! Woot-woot! 
We played in the wonderful July rain! Can I get a PRAISE GOD for the rain and cooler temperatures we had last week??? So refreshing! More, please! 
And finally, Ryan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We went to the Wild West Texas Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. We didn't solve the case correctly but we did have tons of fun! 
I sure am blessed to be his wife! Our life may be crazy busy at times, but all the in between moments make it so wonderful!