Sunday, January 30, 2011

January in Texas

It's been a whole month since I blogged! I bet all of you thought I had given up - well you're wrong. There just hasn't been much to blog about lately. Until we were blessed with a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday right here at the end of January. Not to be boring and talk about the weather... but I'm going to talk about the weather. Seasons are such an amazing thing to thank God for! Can you imagine if you had to live through the 100 degree Texas heat ALL year? Or wear your snow boots and freeze for 12 months instead of 3 (or rather 1 1/2 here in Texas). I am so grateful each time the weather changes. I love the crisp-ness of fall. It is fun to get bundled up for a little bit in the winter (though by the end of January I'm all done with that!) I feel the rush of joy when the temperatures warm up and I can play in the park in spring. And I LOVE sitting by the pool in summer. Side note- when I say I love seasons, I definitely mean TEXAS seasons!!!

To celebrate this warm Saturday, Ryan and I drove to Historic Grapevine, Texas. We had a sweet afternoon having lunch in a cafe and browsing through shops. We also looked through the Grapevine historical museum to learn about pioneer life in Grapevine. (I also LOVE pioneer life). At the end we tried to take a few fun pictures. With the sun in our eyes and the wind blowing us away it was a little difficult to take a good picture, but at least we got some good laughs out of it. I probably should have posted all of the mess up pics instead, but wanted everyone to enjoy the few good ones we got. This was one of the best Saturdays I've enjoyed in a long time!

Of course, this week we are in store for a wintry mix to hit around Tuesday. Like the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, stick around a day and it will change!"