Sunday, August 9, 2015

From the mouths of babes

I just tucked my three year old chatterbox into bed tonight and wanted to finally blog about some of the funny things she has said lately. I've started keeping a "note" on my phone so that I can type them in right away to save for later. Eva is so silly and talks non stop these days. Here are some of her three year old quotes:

One night at dinner I handed her a plate.
Eva: Mama, did you poison this food?
Too many fairy tales....

Relaxing, watching a movie...
Eva: I really need a massage.
What three year old NEEDS a massage?

We talk about Dopey, from Snow White a lot in our house. I don't know why. We won't let her watch Snow White but she has a toddler version book of it. One night we happened to be talking about being kind to others.... 
Me: ....we want to accept people, even if they have different color skin, or different hair color, or they are short or tall.
Eva: Like Dopey?

Ryan: Why is Dopey your boyfriend?
Eva: Because he is the only boy I know.

Ryan: Is Dopey still your best friend?
Eva: No, he got too old for me.
Ryan: How old is her now?
Eva: sigh...45.

Talking about Jensen...
Eva: I'm ready to give him back now.

And then a different day that week...
Eva: Would it be bad if I put grapes in his eyes?
Note to self, do not serve grapes for lunch.

At bedtime one night...
Eva: I want Mama to leave. {starts crying}
Me: Why are your crying?
Eva: Cause I'm going to miss you!!!
Why did you ask me to leave then, silly girl?

Eva: Mama, you look angry. How about we talk about your feelings?
Me: Ok. I feel frustrated when you mess with Jensen after we asked you to leave him alone.
Eva: {smiling sweetly} Ok. I understand how you feel. That makes sense.
Ha, I guess kids will repeat what you say!

Me: I'm going to get myself ready. Why don't you find something else to do for a few minutes?
Eva: Ok, I will stand right here and watch you.

Me: Do you know what we are talking about? I was saying that to date your Daddy.
Eva: I'm okayyyy with that :)

One morning I had done Eva's hair but it got messed up.
Eva: Now no one will think I'm beautiful.
Me: It's fun to do our hair but our beauty comes from our hearts and the way we show love to people. You are beautiful whether you have lots of hair or now hair at all.
Eva: Yeah, Mr. Norm {one of our church elders} is beautiful and he doesn't even have hair. He's bald.

Jensen and Ryan were in the other room playing.
Eva: They having a man talk?
Me: I guess. What do you think men talk about?
Eva: How they toot on things.

During family worship Sunday when the kids are with us in service.
Pastor Joel: Now we are going to pray. {As in he was going to pray, not the kids}
Eva: {raises hand voluntarily} Dear God, please be with my family.
Pastor Joel: Eva, your dad is very proud of you right now...
Eva: {whispers to Ryan beside her} Go away.

Playing pretend kitchen
Eva: Jensen, I will make you some chocolate milk too. But it's okay. I'll make it with breastmilk.

During snack time
Eva: What is this?
Me: That's a piece of dried coconut.
Eva: It tastes like a piece of paper.
Yeah other people probably agree. 

Eva: There goes the music truck. That's funny, she has pictures of ice cream on her truck.
Me: Hmm, maybe she just wants everybody to know that she really likes ice cream.
I may be misleading her on this one, but I was never allowed to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck because my mom told me that they sold drugs to kid. So we just call it the "music truck." Don't you dare ruin this one for me.

And finally, 
Eva: Jensen, I think I love you. {heart.melted.}

Saturday, August 8, 2015

6 Months Old

Jensen at SIX Months
Weight: 20 lbs (90th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (50th percentile)
Clothes Size: 12-18 months
Diaper Size: 4

Biggest Accomplishment: Sitting up all by yourself!
Biggest Frustration: When you are on your tummy you kick you legs and want so badly to be moving somewhere....not yet, buddy!
Favorite Food: Sweet Potato
Likes: Playing with Eva, Hanging out in your "jumpity jump" {exersaucer}, Reading Eating a good book
Dislikes: Swimming in the pool....I guess you had to have one imperfection :) Let's work on this.
New Interest: Your toys! You suddenly are very expressive about what you want and where you want to be. You really likes throwing toys off your highchair and knocking over anything we stack in front of you.
Best Skill: Sleeping. You rock. 11-12 hours at night. Usually 3 naps, although you have had a few days of 2 longer naps this past week.
My Favorite Thing About You: Seeing you smile and talk! Also kissing you, hugging you, squeezing your chubby things, and watching you sleep. 
Look at that little man grow! We love every squishy part of you! Let's make the next 6 months go by slowly, okay?