Wednesday, April 27, 2016

East Texas

This past weekend we loaded up the minivan and drove out to East Texas. We went to visit a family friend in Avenger and visited the Wildflower Trails Festival in Hughes Springs. This is one of Ryan's childhood memories from growing up there and we have been talking about visiting the past few years. We were a bit nervous about the drive because sometimes our kids get crazy just diving to Walmart but overall the ride was pretty easy.
We tried to stop at the festival when we first arrived in Hughes Springs but the rides didn't open until 4pm so we decided to go ahead and go see Miss Joyce. She is like a grandmother to Ryan and he grew up going to her home all the time. Eva always likes to feed the fish in her pond.
Sharing his childhood with his son. We visited Joyce when Jensen was just a couple of months old but this was his first trip where he could really experience anything.
Lots of swing time. Joyce's property is lush and beautiful so we spent tons of time outside.

A great big world and a little man.
It was so good to visit with Joyce. I kept joking that Ryan could just take the kids and I would stay and hang out with Joyce until Monday. I just always love talking with her.
At 4pm sharp we were headed to the Wildflower Trails festival. Eva got to pick 5 rides and decide on the big swings first. It was the fastest ride there and she was flying!!! 

Saturday night we spent the night with Nana and Papa. The next morning we drove around Royse City and Ryan got to show me where his football team was the 2004 state semi-finalist. He was so proud. 
Saturday afternoon we went over to my sister and brother in-laws and got to play with Mallory's new swing set. Eva keeps saying that we need one now...not sure our yard is big enough, but it would be fun!
The girls all up in the clubhouse. I may have liked it a little. Okay, a lot. It was pretty awesome.
Saturday night we met up with friends for a picnic and park time at Bicentennial Park in Southlake. I hadn't been before - it is a great park. We didn't know they had a water or sand part, so Eva got a bit messy. I wish I had taken a picture of her and her little friend all covered in water and dirt. Classic. I only snapped this one of Jensen on a super cool swing.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter Weekend

Well, I've officially raided my children's Easter candy stash of any desirable dark chocolate, so I guess it's been a full week since we celebrated! We had a wonderful, yet busy, weekend. There was play time, family time, egg hunts, and of course the real reason - the celebration of our RISEN LORD JESUS! I'm so glad that my Jesus is alive and with me today. Without this truth my life would be a whole lot of crazy.
The night before Easter our church hosted a GLOW in the dark egg hunt. <> the other day I was at the park and somehow when I was talking to a neighbor I had just met we started talking about Bara. She told me that her family had been to our egg hunt, to which I responded that my husband was a pastor for Bara. THEN she asked me, "Oh was he the man in the light up green wig?" "Umm, YES!" Haha I guess that's how my man is known around these parts.
We had lots of old and new friends join us for the egg hunt. Thankfully another mom was able to get this quick pic before the crazy of the glow hunt began.
The Easter bunny gettin' his GLOW on. Eva knows that the Easter bunny is just fun dress up and she totally loves it. That's what happens when your dads up toting around the Easter bunny head in his backseat.

I stuck little man in the toddler bounce house for the first time and he loved it. The only one that squished him was Eva, and that could have happened on dry land.

Eva got her face painted for the first time!
On Sunday we went to Bara and celebrated the resurrection. Afterwards we had lunch with family at my parents' house.
She was the only big kid (does 4 years old count as big??) so she had one whole side of the yard to herself.
 We just plopped Jensen down with a dozen eggs that were filled with cheerios so he sat and ate them all up.
 This was my first time to fill Easter baskets for my kids and they were excited. Probably the biggest hit was the new snack cups...and the giant bottle of bubbles.
 Then we headed to Ryan's aunt and uncles' house to celebrate with his family. I think we were doing more hopping than the Easter bunny.
 Ryan's grandmother - Mamaw, with his mom and aunts, and all of the great grandchildren that were there.
 Ready to hunt again!
 I love this one because Jensen is just sitting there munching away while Eva is racing around behind him.
 Handsome like his Daddy.

Cousin love. So glad these little girls have each other.
 Mamaw, Nana, Mallory, and Eva
 My little Easter loves. They sure clean up nicely. I love their little faces.
We had a wonderful day and returned home later, tired but full of love...and candy.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break in Laguna

Over Spring Break week Ryan and I got to leave our children with the grandparents and take a trip to California! Our first stop was a night aboard the RMS Queen Mary. 
This is what the ship looked like when we arrived late the first night. The Queen Mary used to be quite the fancy way to travel abroad but it is now dry docked in Long Beach and the once famous first class cabins and suites have been turned into a hotel. Much of the boat is still preserved and historically accurate, although there are obviously some modern accommodations. 
After getting checked in we joined our friends at Sir Winston's restaruant aboard the ship. We were a bit jet lagged and to us it was like 11 o'clock at night but that didn't stop us from enjoying this delicious steak dinner. I can honestly say that I've never eaten that much steak, nor steak that late at night, but it was worth it!
Much of the original 2nd and 3rd class areas have been turned into galleries. I liked this look of how the Titanic would look if cut in half. It had tiny miniature pieces and everything was labeled so you could see where everything would have been located. 
The next morning we walked all around the ship on our own, took a guided tour, and visited the touring Princess Diana exhibit on board.
Later that afternoon we finally got to put our toes in the Pacific! We stopped for lunch at Huntington beach, and as we arrived a crazy fog was over the whole area. You couldn't even see the water from the edge of the sand.
Then we traveled on to Laguna Beach where we stayed at a Mariott Resort.  I enjoyed Laguna a lot, and it reminded me of visiting Vancouver, Canada, with the way the city is built up.
 I don't know why this photo is fuzzy, but the essence of it is that shirt. Wowzers. One afternoon we shopped around and we made our purchases at the Laguna Thrift shop. I got an awesome new purse and Ryan snagged this shirt. He doesn't look like a tourist dad at all. Not one bit.
 At the resort before heading out to dinner on our last night in California. The resort had so much to offer, I wish we had planned more time to just lounge around! It was actually pretty chilly most of the time so we didn't even enjoy the pool as much as I would have thought. Guess we will have to make a trip back to enjoy it all :)
Our travel buddies! We had a wonderful time enjoying California with our friends, the Glasers. 
My two great loves - Ryan and the beach. I'm already longing to go back to the shores!