Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hughes Springs

Over the weekend Ryan and I took an overnight get away to his home town of Hughes Springs. We drove way to out East Texas to enjoy the fall weather and some relaxing peace and quiet. This is the "backyard" where we stayed. It's amazing. I sat and read my Bible outside and there was a mother dear and her fawn passing by. Amazing.
We always stay with Joyce, his favorite old family friend. Ryan loves Joyce like a grandmother and we always enjoy visiting with her and playing lots of board games. 
Saturday night we all went out for some fried catfish. We dined with his old best friend, Jacob, and Jacob's family. I love hearing old stories about Ryan and Jacob.
Sunday morning we went and worshiped at his old home church, First Baptist Hughes Springs. Ryan got to see another old buddy, Kent. Kent is finishing up medical school....a doctor and a pastor. I bet Ryan's mom wasn't so sure about these two when they were little boys getting into mischief together, and from what I've heard they were a crazy pair. 
I love spending time with him. I wish we could get away more often. He's pretty funny and handsome.
And what about Miss Eva? Don't worry about her. She stayed with Nana and Papa and had a blast going to their town's Fun Fest with her cousin, Mallory. 
She was so busy playing and being loved on by her grandparents that I don't think she missed us one bit. She didn't even want to come home when we picked her up. I guess get away weekends are good for everybody!

Pumpkin Patch

Howdy ya'll and happy fall! Last Friday we took our annual family trip to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. We want everybody to think we are good Texan parents, right? In the past I cared a lot more about making sure Eva wore an adorable fall outfit, taking approximately 100 photos, and being overly excited for each thing we saw. This year I was way more laid back. She looked cute in a normal outfit, maybe 20 photos were taken, fun was had, good enough.
While we were there we saw Eva's cousins (or maybe 2nd cousins?). Aria and Nora looked really adorable in their candy corn dresses that Ryan's aunt has sewn for them. 
The Flower Mound pumpkin patch is well known for it's cartoon cutouts. In the past Eva has only recognized a few but this year she was excited to see soooo many of them. I guess we watch a lot more movies now! #pregnantmama
Here you go - our daughter sitting on a pumpkin in a field of pumpkins! With her cheesy three year old smile :) 
She looks so serious! But really, I love this profile shot of her. I could give that cheek a million kisses.
Notice we are wearing shorts and not the appropriate pumpkin patch jeans with boots attire? I told you, we were way more laid back this year. I love my family, I love a good pumpkin, and it was a good morning!

PS Breaking news - the "other" pumpkin patch in Flower Mound is now closed. You know, the one nobody ever seemed to go to because it wasn't the original patch? I think that has increased the population at the good patch. Just FYI. We may check out one in Keller next year.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ryan's Birthday Weekend

Even though we celebrated Ryan's birthday with family last weekend, it wouldn't be a proper Bradley birthday if we didn't live it up and celebrate some more for Ryan's birthday this past weekend!

First I won myself some "good wife" points by planning a surprise birthday dinner with our small group friends. I told Ryan that night that I was really craving some pizza and wanted to go to Pie Five. He asked if we should invite anybody and I lied created a diversion by saying that I didn't feel like hanging out with people. He was so surprised when we got there and had a table full of friends waiting! After we stuffed ourselves with pizza our friends came back to our place for some Tenzi playing. Thanks to everybody who kept the surprise!!!
Friday morning (the day of Ryan's actual birthday) I made him so special birthday cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We actually didn't have any cake this weekend (umm, probably because we ate it all last weekend and then stuffed ourselves at the fair).

After breakfast the birthday boy wanted to go to the school pep rally. It was Byron Nelson's pink out week in support of breast cancer so everyone was all pink-ed out!
Friday night was spent, of course, under the Friday night lights! Go Bobcats! We lost but it was still fun.

Saturday morning we walked around Celebrate Roanoke for a bit. Ryan got to go down the bounce house toboggan style with Eva. Nothing says birthday fun like a bounce house! 
Saturday night we got to go out on a date night :) We went and played a few rounds at Top Golf and laughed a lot. I may be the world's worst golfer, and that is probably an understatement. 
I love my birthday man. 28 is sure looking handsome on him!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Half Way There {20 weeks}

Bump Pics: Weeks 14-20

Last weekend I hit the 20 week mark for this pregnancy, so I am now over half way done! I am planning to do a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks, so really at this point I only have 19 weeks left. Woo-hoo! Okay but really I go back and forth between being soooo happy to be half way there and so happy to still have a good 4 months to just enjoy having only Eva. I figure most moms feel like that.
How am I doing? I am feeling a bit optimistic....
* Way less "morning sickness" Still some but not as bad as it was or as bad as it could be.
* Way less pain in general. Hooray! A lot of my nerve pain seems to be getting better, hopefully because I am working with my Dad, a rolfer, and also another great chiropractor who specializes in working with pregnant women. Less pain makes me much happier.
* Less hungry. Don't get me wrong here, I still expect to eat every 2-3 hours but I feel like in general I'm not as starving all the time as I used to be.
* Very short of breath. This can happen regardless of whether I am sitting, standing, or even lying down. I am not a big fan of feeling this way but again, it could be way worse.
* Still forgetful. The other day I ran into CVS to get allergy medicine. I went straight for the Tylenol and bought that instead. Then I walked right back in and returned it. #pregnancybrain
* Still clumsy. I drop ice on the floor every.single.time I get some out of the freezer. 
* I feel like my bump is much bigger than it probably actually is. Does that make sense? It seems to take over my body and I feel my clothes getting more snug every week but looking at pictures maybe it isn't quite as massive as it feels? Also I think I look more pregnant from the front than from just side photos.
* I am going to need to shop for some fall maternity clothes soon. You know early on in pregnancy when you think "Oh I can totally wear these loose tops as I get bigger," and then as you get bigger those tops seem to shrink in your closet? Yeah, my closet has definitely been shrinking some of my non-maternity clothes. Right now our weather is still back and forth between warm and cold days, so I am going to give it a few more weeks but I will need to get some fall clothes soon.
* I cleaned out the last of our "who-the-heck-knows-what-to-do-with-this-stuff" moving boxes out of the nursery last weekend. My parents are giving us an old dresser that I am planning to redo in red chalk paint and then I might work on sewing some curtains. I love planning out nursery decor!
* I feel Jensen moving around all the time :) This is THE BEST PART of being pregnant. {Aside from the excuse to eat extra State Fair food!} I think I could feel him now and then starting around week 14, but over the past week the movement has picked up so much! I love it! I love thinking of him healthy and wiggly, having fun and growing bigger every day.
This is totally my life right now. We go through toilet paper like crazy, and I know it's all me. Even Eva will say, "But you just went potty!" That's life as a pregnant lady.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

State Fair of Texas

Last Thursday Ryan took the day off from work so we could have a family fair day. It's been two years since we last took Eva and we were looking forward to all the fun fair things we could do this time.
They have a really cute little "farm" village set up where kids could pretend to be farmers. I thought this was such a creative idea and I wish Eva could have spent more time and done it a few times. It was the first thing we did that morning so even though she liked it, she was more interested in seeing real animals. 
Next stop: the petting zoo area. She got her little cup of animal feed and enjoyed seeing the animals.
Isn't this how every parent feels after a day at the fair with little kids? I can relate, camel.
Then we went to the dog show and I noticed that one of their sideline helpers looked awfully familiar.... SANTA??? I pointed him out to Eva and she laughed a lot. When we went down to pet the dogs after the show I mentioned to him that we thought maybe he could be Santa - and he said that he does that in December! 

Then it was time to start enjoying some fair food! We decided to just split a few different foods so that we could get a better sampling of all the fair had to offer. We had a classic Fletcher's corny dog, fried Thanksgiving, and a Krispy Kreme donut hamburger. Each bite was delicious! And since we were splitting all that deliciousness between 4 people I didn't feel too guilty....Jensen counts as a 4th person, right?

One of my old favorites was the bird, which has since closed and been replaced with the Wild West Pet Palooza. This show was cute! I liked it more than the earlier dog show and as much as the old bird show. It was a great way for us to end our fair day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gender Reveal Party

We were so excited to tell the world about our Jensen, but beforehand we decided that we wanted to do a couple of fun gender reveals. Since we just did a party for Eva's birthday we didn't want to go all out, we just wanted a special way to tell special people. Let me say, keeping this secret was soooo hard! I wanted to tell everyone the moment we found out. I can't believe I didn't bust and tell my mom. I was able to call a few close friends right away because I knew we wouldn't be seeing them so it helped to at least share my secret with them.

Thursday night we hosted our small group and I usually make a snack or dessert so I thought it would be fun to do a gender reveal cake. I dyed the inside blue (for a boy) and topped it with about 5 lbs of sprinkles! 
Haha, you can't actually tell in this photo, but the inside of the cake really was blue. It was so much fun to do this! Even though I already knew what was inside I really liked that moment of suspense when everyone is excited to find out. It was almost like finding out for myself all over again!
Saturday night we gathered with family at Ryan's parent's house. We invited my parents too. My amazing mother in-law had these decorations set up when we arrived and I'm so glad she did - I hadn't even thought to get anything cute to decorate.
For the reveal we hid a tiny onesie and a pair of blue shoes and made everybody look for a "clue" about what we were having. We hid it in the bottom of a house plant and it was hysterical because it took them so long to find it. Somebody would come over and look through the plant, but I guess not quite close enough because it took many people looking before anybody found anything. I don't know why, but I felt so nervous right before...obviously our family was going to be happy either way!  I'm also so surprised that Eva kept the whole thing quiet. We told her that if anybody asked to tell them "no way!" and that is what she did.
Ah! I'm so glad we did these little things to celebrate Jensen. It really wasn't anything huge, but it was so good to celebrate after such a hard first half of this pregnancy. And babies are always worth celebrating! Thanks to our friends and family for going along with our silliness and being so happy for us!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Update in iPhone Pics {10.5.14}

Last Friday we spend the afternoon and evening in Denton so we decided to take Eva by our Alma Mater, the University of North Texas! I may not be an extremely active alumni but I do enjoy taking Eva to see things and walking around campus. I would be so happy if she decided to be a UNT eagle in 15 years. 
Then we were off to watch the Bobcats play the Ryan Raiders. We got to the game about 30 minutes early so Eva got to spend some time playing with her cheerleader friends. Too bad she totally hates being the center of attention :) These girls are all so sweet to her and it makes her day to get to hang out with them.

Also a weird side note - some of my former second graders are actually old enough to attend Ryan high school now. Crazy! I didn't run into anybody but I did have a former coworker post a picture of her son in the Ryan band.
Saturday morning we enjoyed the nice weather by going to the Roanoke Fire Safety Day. Insert cute photo of Eva on a firetruck. Oh...mom fail. I did get a picture of her inside a firetruck but it is really dark and you can't even tell it's a fire truck. So instead here is a photo of us riding the tiny train! We saw all the scenic parts of the parking lot. Woo-hoo! Totally worth the 20 minutes I stood in line. 
Saturday night we celebrated Greg's 36th birthday and Ryan's 28th birthday at Nana and Papa's house. We also did a gender revel party but I will blog about that separately. 
All those cousins played hard and then settled down to watch a movie in Nana's bed. Eva ended up with no clothes on...I'm not surprised. 
On Sunday morning I got to watch the most handsome pastor in the world preach it! Ryan taught on James 5, and I always love hearing him teach. I'm a lucky bride :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

To my little boy

Dear Jensen Bruce,
Ahh, I am already so excited just by typing out your sweet name. We found out last week that you are a precious baby boy. Although I love little girls and bows, I am truly so happy and excited that you are a boy. I know nothing about boys, except that I married your Daddy, so you will have to teach me how to be a fun boy mom. I may not be great at getting dirty or playing with cars and legos, but maybe you can teach me some of those things along the way. A few nights ago I was thinking about how it suddenly just made sense..our family needed a little boy to mix things up around here. God must have a wonderful plan for you and us already!
One of things we have noticed about you already is that already during your sonograms you are not quite as active as Eva always was. You will move and wiggle a bit, but maybe you will be a calming balance to our home? That would be okay with me. I am already looking forward to seeing you play with me and Daddy and Eva. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what our life will look like as a family of four but I believe that once you get here it will be like you are the perfect little piece that our family has been waiting on. Is it February yet????
I will confess that I am pretty picky when it comes to little boy clothes but I have already shopped around and picked out a couple of new things for you. I love the idea of dressing you like Daddy in lots of polos and tiny little man button-up shirts. I will miss buying tiny ruffles and dresses, but I have already embraced helping you always have a ruggedly handsome style.

We all love you already. Keep growing and we will hold you soon!