Tuesday, November 15, 2016


How was Halloween only two weeks ago? I am sitting here looking through my photos and it seems like it was way longer than that....this year we had a dinosaur and Princess Elena of Avalar (a new Disney show).
About a week before Halloween we took the kids to the fall festival up at Eva's preschool. I can't remember why they weren't dressed in their actual costumes...maybe it was too hot for the dinosaur? I do remember being somewhat busy that afternoon so it's possible that it was a last minute decision. Regardless, they had a train to ride and my kids liked it.
Superman meets Supergirl. Does anyone else feel the destiny here? This is Eva's friend's little sis, and Jensen is always happy to play with her.
Queen Elsa and Wonderwoman! Look out world, you aren't ready for these super charged cuties yet :)
The following week at preschool they had a costume parade. Eva was so excited to dress up with her friends! I hadn't planned on going because really, it was only a short thing, and I had sort of had other plans...but about 10 minutes before I decided that this was important enough to throw Jensen in the car and go wave at all the tiny friends dressed up. Y'all. I'm so glad I went. Yes it was short and silly, but preschool isn't forever so you've gotta embrace it.
Our Halloween game plan! I realized Sunday night (the night before Halloween) that I hadn't done much cool mom stuff for the kids, so I made a plan to make the next day awesome. Clearly, the fabulous illustrations and white board list suggest awesomeness, right? I realized that I won't have a whole Halloween day at home again with both the kids until Eva is 8 and Jensen is 5. {insert tears}
I found some yarn, crepe paper, and a paper plate that we painted black....and we went all out decorating the garage. Ha! Maybe not the fanciest decorations on the block, but whatever. It made us happy.
The kids' Halloween theme lunch.
Then it was time to get dressed up. Ryan and I threw together our idea to be Candy Rapper (Wrappers) at the last minute. I do love a good pun and dressing up was fun. Plus our costumes cost zero dollars.

Our first stop of the night was the the festival at another local church. Each year they have a great set up of games and it's a great way to hold off on trick or treating until it is an acceptable time of the evening.
Then as soon as we got home we hit the road! We live in an awesome neighborhood for trick or treating and had fun seeing lots of our friends.

I didn't get any photos but after we wrapped up our own trick or treating we sat out in the drive way handing out candy for a while longer. We had popcorn and cider to snack on, Ryan played some good tunes on a speaker with lights, and we laughed watching our kids dance around and say hi to everyone that stopped by. A perfect way to end the evening.
As for candy? I think we are set until Easter. We had a really great night together!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

We took a family day to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch in October. I'm always glad when we pick a day with perfect fall weather. We got lots of cute photos of our kids with beautiful pumpkins so I wanted to share.

One of my favorites of my and my little man.
 This year's newest cut out was Zootopia, of which we are big fans.
 Pretty much his classic photo face.
 Jailed up for too much cuteness.

 On the haydie.
 I'm really trying to be in more photos with the kids, it's just so easy to be the one taking pictures.

"Jensen! Smile! Smile, buddy! Oh...okay...keep making your super serious face."

Matching the jackolanterns this Halloween. I love her toothless grin.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ryan's 30th Birthday

In October Ryan turned the big 30! He kept saying he felt old but since I'm ALREADY 30(ish...) I was just happy for him to join my in the 30's club. It's also cool to think that I knew him for almost his whole 20's. I can't wait to see how the next decade of his life grows him.
The week before we met up with family to celebrate. We went bowling and then everybody (minus me because I had a bachelorette party) went to eat at a local park. I love this family photo. I know my parents in-law really enjoy when they have all of their kids (and their kids' kids) together.

On his actual birthday we hosted a small gathering of some church friends at our pastor's house. We had a fabulous dessert table and lots of people that we care about to hang out with.
 My birthday stud. Also my favorite fall outfit.

Thanks to the friends and family who loved on Ryan and made his thirtieth birthday so special.