Monday, August 30, 2010

"Dunder Mifflin, This is Pam. "

"Dunder Mifflin, This is Pam." Well, I love The Office so much that I've decided to follow in Pam Beasley's footsteps. Not really, but I did start my career as an administrative assistant today! Here is my story:
1. Back in March I decided that I would not be teaching this year. Ryan is the Director for Student Ministries at our church and I wanted the free time and flexibility to help him. I desire to spend time living life with the girls in our youth group. I also want time to reach out to our apartment community. And I want to have time to be in - AND ENJOY- our couple's Bible study And I help Ryan put together some of the administrative stuff related to youth. AND I want to be a happy wife. Therefore, we decided that I would not teach. Also because we were moving to Roanoke, so it didn't make since logistically for me to stay at my old elementary school, so I'd have to at least look for a different teaching job.
2. From March until now Ryan and I have both prayed that the Lord would give us wisdom for jobs. He needed another part time job to supplement his salary from the church. I knew that I probably needed to do something. I wasn't quite sure what. I was interested in doing administrative office work or maybe do something else for the school system besides being a full time classroom teacher.
3. We prayed and our families prayed and our church prayed and our friends prayed. God was listening- we're confident in this!- but it was a LONG season of waiting. We are so thankful for all of the prayers that were offered up for us and for learning how to be patient. Its not fun to learn to be patient, but it is good.
4. This past Thursday we finally came to the conclusion that we would both be "Professional Substitutes" and try to sub as many days as possible. For the first time in many months we felt a complete peace. We knew that we might have to draw from our savings sometimes for now, but that was something we finally gave over to God as we realized that we didn't need to hold on tightly to money (neither did we plan to be irresponsible).
5. Friday morning I got a call about a possible job from a family that had visited our church 2 weeks before.
6. I interviewed Saturday morning. I was interested and thought I would enjoy the job, but I was unsure because it was a full time schedule. I felt strongly that I should have some afternoon time to meet up with youth kids and others. I liked the job but wanted to use discernment so that I wouldn't end up in a pattern of over busyness.
7. The woman I interviewed with called me an hour later and offered for me to do the same job, but said they would be flexible so I could only work part time!!!!! The hours she offered were 8am-3pm.... exactly what I had prayed for!!! Wow. It is awesome to see how God had this planned and I didn't even know.

What I Do Now:
I started this morning. Today was a little different than normal because there were Internet/ printer problems. But basically I'll be doing some customer help, Internet stuff, making manuals, etc. All the fun office stuff you could ever imagine!!!!! The company creates and promotes professional development sessions for public companies. I work inside a small historic house that has been turned into an office in downtown Keller. I can't explain it very clearly but I am looking forward to learning how to do my job well! Thanks to everyone I've already talked to for all of the encouraging words!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think you have the wrong number....

A few weeks ago we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday! My grandpa is such a positive man, he's always enjoyed life to the fullest. I talk with him every week on Sunday. So this Sunday I called him on the regular number and he didn't answer and there was no voicemail. I had a 2nd number saved on my cell phone. I called it. A man answered. "Hi Grandpa! It's Kate!" The man replies, "Kate, this is not your grandpa. I think you have the wrong number." Then we proceeded with the customary apology by me and explanation by him about why I might have dialed the wrong number. We probaby talked for about 5 minutes. What a nice man. I went through my phone numbers in my phone and deleted this wrong number. I decided to just wait and call Grandpa later. Maybe 3 hours later I went through my recent call list and pushed the redial for Grandpa. Oops! Somehow I called the SAME WRONG NUMBER! How did this happen since I deleted the number? Apparently it was deleted from the phone book but not the dialed number list. The man was so nice and we had another conversation which lasted a couple of minutes. I just felt so silly! After that I didn't want to risk any possibility of misdialing again, so I just waited until Grandpa called me later. Ha... has this ever happened to anyone else??
We did have a fun family party to celebrate Grandpa's 90th! I hope this is a year of blessings for him.

On Sunday - the same days as the wrong number conversations- we celebrated Ryan's grandmother' 80th birthday! Happy Birthday Mamaw! We drove down to Lindale, TX (hometown of Miranda Lambert :) ) for a rocking celebration at the retirement community. Here is Mamaw with Ryan and his siblings, Amanda and Greg.
The best part of any birthday celebration is playing with our cute nieces! We love Kiersi and Kayden!

Here is the birthday girl with the whole family. Ryan and I are so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who have always reminded us that family is so important!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maybe next time I'll just keep driving...

Last night I drove up to Denton to hang out with some friends. On the way up there I realized that I needed to stop and get gas for my car so I wouldn't have to do it on my way home in the dark. I immediately thought of how much I appreciate that if Ryan and I are in the car together he always pumps my gas. For some people that may seem silly or old fashioned, but I love it!
I also have to share honestly that the first time my mom ever made me put gas in our car after I got my permit, I cried. Yes. CRIED. I told her it was too embarrassing and that somebody might see me. Hahaha, I look back on that moment with shame that I was so young and spoiled.
I decided to get gas at the Racetrack that we usually went to. I got out of the car. Eww. It was the kind of hot day that immediately makes you sweat. I realized that instead of opening my gas pump I had opened my trunk. Oops. Easy mistake to fix. I swiped my card. I went through the series of yes/ no questions that each take 30 seconds to process. Finally the screen pops up with "transaction interrupted." So I went through the process again... still sweating... only to get the same results. I was tired of standing there so I got back in my car to drive down the street to Quick Trip. As I started driving I heard a clanking sound. I looked out the window and realized that I left my gas cap unscrewed and the little gas door open. I guess I could have pulled up into a parking spot, but no, I immediately just get out of my car. As I'm standing there fixing the cap situation I realize that I have created a traffic block in the gas station parking lot. Oh my gosh, this situation couldn't get any more awkward! Ahh... so I ended up getting gas later. It was much more uneventful.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cooking with the Bradleys

Since my blog title is Breakfast with the Bradleys, I figure I should mention food every once in a while. Before moving to our new apartment, I did most of our grocery shopping at Super Target. I love Super Target! In my experience, it was always far superior to Walmart, though I know people who will point out that Walmart is cheaper. Maybe sometimes, but it was always more crowded, stinkier, dirtier, undecorated, and had fluorescent lighting. So I generally refused to go to Walmart.

After moving, Super Target is not really an option because it is too far away for a grocery trip. I have settled on this. I started shopping at Walmart but was proven right in thinking that even though its cheap, part of the cheapness is due to quality. Especially with fruit and vegetables. So yesterday Ryan and I took a date to Central Market! I was expecting it to be outrageously expensive and maybe it is depending on what you buy, but we purchased produce on sale for the same or cheaper prices than Walmart.

I know that Walmart is more practical for weekly use, but its nice to know that an occasional produce excursion to Central Market won't break the bank!

One fun thing we got at Central Market was filet mignon. Yes, it was a little pricey, but we actually got 4 small filets for a much cheaper price than going out to eat. We spent our Saturday night enjoying a fine home cooked meal of steak, potatoes, and golden glazed beets and carrots. It was amazing and way cheaper than it would cost us to go out to eat even at a cheaper place like Chili's. I was super happy with the way this meal turned out!

Another thing I made this week was sugar cookies that were shaped like cupcakes. I saw these cookie cutters at Crate and Barrel a few weeks ago and was super excited when my mom surprised me with them as a gift! I decorated them using Betty Crocker rainbow chip icing (so much better than Pillsbury's funfetti!) and made it so that a rainbow chip was always right on the top of the "cupcake"
I made the cookies because we had some church friends over that night. Okay, I actually made the cookies because they seemed cute and delicious, but it was fun to share them with other people! Since they looked like cupcakes I served them on my cupcake tier. They look awesome for about 1 hour in the afternoon. Sadly, they were too heavy (or not as crunchy as they could have been), and after a while they started drooping and falling apart. Oh well, they still tasted great!

And my last creation from last week was the "potato-tinis" that I made when my best friend Erica joined us for a Bacherlorette viewing. I made mashed potatoes and served them in a martini glass, topped with sour cream, cheese, and chives! I stole this idea from my friend Kathryn's wedding reception but it was very easy to recreate and entertaining to serve and eat!
I love that I have more time to cook in the summer!