Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 2016

Hope all my friends had a wonderful Christmas and are relaxing and enjoying New Year's Day. Here is what our Christmas held...
The week before we met up at my sister in-law's beautiful new home for a gathering with all our extended Bradley family. I love that Mamaw (Ryan's grandmother) is in our big photo, and I have already framed this in our home.
Ryan's aunts and Mamaw.
All of the extended cousins drew names for a pajama exchange. Eva and Mallory happened to get almost matching Elsa footie pajamas. I think Eva wore these for like 3 days after until I had to peel them off of her to wash them.
Cousin pajama party!
More pajamas! But this time it was at Nana and Papa's. On the night before Christmas Eve we followed tradition by all staying the night together. Jensen also followed the Christmas tradition of making sure that I get no sleep this night. Sorry family, one day we won't have screaming, sleepless children anymore...until then....just make sure we have plenty of coffee!
Sister doing her thing with Mallory again. This time both in Santa jammies. I'm pretty sure that every year these girls have somewhat coordinating Christmas pjs.
Eva got a unicorn pillow pet that she loves and has slept with every night now.
Buddy got a manly construction digger.
 Move over Barney Fife, there is a new deputy in town.
She also got a mermaid tail blanket, and the combination with her unicorn pillow has proved WONDERFUL for her sleeping well. I'm not being sarcastic, she really does sleep better almost swaddled in that mermaid tail. She snuggles down into it and then we put the sheet and comforter on top. Thanks, Amanda and Melody!
With my Christmas love. Point us to the mistletoe :)
Siblings that still like each other. #parentinggoals
Jensen with his great grandmother.
Guess who found the Christmas pickle and won $10! Only took me like a minute, too!
 Christmas Eve night our church held our annual service at Westlake Academy.
All dressed in the Christmas best. Can they please stay little?
Christmas morning Eva ran into our room at 5am! I was thankfully able to convince her to go back to sleep until 7am. After that they were off to see what Santa brought.
Our of order but too complicated to rearrange...we enjoyed a warmer Christmas Day by playing outside.
Wearing his new shade and flexing his muscles.
Santa brought Jensen a T-Ball set.
Santa brought Eva a soccer goal. We will be playing outside as much as possible.
Defying gender stereotypes. Eva likes all of Jensen's cool cars and diggers. Jensen likes to push around Eva's baby doll stroller.
Probably one of our coolest new toys. Jensen already had the Vtech GoGo Wheels Firestation and this year he got the Police Station plus some new cars to go with it so now we can make a giant track and they all sing and talk. Pretty entertaining.
New dress up clothes.
My parents came over in the afternoon and joined us for Christmas dinner.
We got each other new shirts...that we picked out together....true love.

And with that we will roll on into 2017!

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