Friday, October 21, 2016

Eva's 5th Birthday Party

Our sweet girl turned FIVE years old back in September and we celebrated big! I made her a 6 LAYER cake that Ryan and I stayed up late into the night throwing sprinkles all over. PS Throwing sprinkles onto a cake is one of the most fun feelings ever.
Birthday presents! She got some fun gifts, we are so grateful for our generous friends and family.
 When I asked Eva what she wanted for her birthday, her one request was a rainbow pinata. I decided to be crafty (and frugal, because let's face it, it was just going to get smashed), and made my own but sewing crepe paper (super easy!), and hot gluing it to re purposed cardboard from cereal boxes.
 Party favors! She made each friend their own rainbow bracelet.
 Living room decor. This took a while to hang on the ceiling but I loved how it turned out and we left it up for a few weeks.
Play room decor: a rainbow of paper plates from Dollar Tree plus crepe paper.
Eva and her crew. She got to pick a few friends from school plus a couple from church. These are her people, y'all. She LOVES this group of friends. It's so cool to watch her actually develop her own friendships.

{A note on party invites...I am not posting this on Facebook, because I don't want any one to feel left out. Our house is not huge. We love lots of people, and wish we could invited everybody, but we couldn't. Hopefully there is nobody reading this that feels left out. We really just had to limit the guest list due to space and party funds.}
Sister cheesing it up with her girl friends!
Eva's other special request was outdoor party games. Mama delivered. Parachute? Check.
Egg race? Check.

Bean bag toss? Check.
Smash the heck out of the pinata? Check. Those kids went at it but in the end it was Mama's turn to smash it enough to break the candy free.
Getting her cake on in the playroom with her friends.

One more party shot with the littles included.
That same night we had our family over for Birthday Party 2.0. Sadly the photos on my real camera got lost so this is all I have.
One of her gifts was a karaoke microphone so the kids sang their hearts out.
"Letting it go" with Mallory! Thanks to everyone who celebrated Eva. She loves you so much!