Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend, a Birthday Party in the Rain, and the Last Day of Preschool

We had a memorable Memorial Day weekend. We did talk as a family about what it meant to stop and be thankful for all of the soldiers who have died so that we can have freedoms like choosing where we want to go to church.  Then we spent lots of time with family, friends, and food!
Saturday morning I got to have a date with my mom. We met out at the shops at Legacy and enjoyed brunch and a funny British movie at the Angelia. 
Saturday afternoon I took these cuties to the pool. Eva is already a fearless fish but little buddy isn't so big on the water. He will splash around in the shallow part for a while but then wants out of the water.
Sunday morning the kids sang a song for family worship Sunday at Bara Church. My little girl sang and danced her heart out!
Sunday evening we went to a Memorial Day celebration in Trophy Club. Yes, the photo is crooked. That is pretty much how our night felt. We planned on going, and then tons of rain came through, but we loaded up the minivan and went anyway. They had a petting zoo and bounce houses so we still had a good time, although we were soaked.
Eva's beautiful face paint.
On Monday afternoon we had a cookout for our small group. I captured this moment because it made me so happy to see the little kids at the table, the babies crawling and in their high chairs, and our friends all gathered to eat together. 
The "big" kids - I use that relatively because nobody is older than four.
The babies.
Water table fun!
I love our small group friends! After the party ended, and even the next day, I kept smiling because I'm grateful to have friends that we can share our lives and home with. 
Tuesday afternoon it was time to celebrate our niece Kayden's 9th birthday. It was supposed to be a pool party but the rain changed that plan. 
Backyard water games!
It was like a pool party, except without a pool :)
Cousin love!
 Finally Eva had her last day of preschool on Wednesday. She has had a great semester attending her school and loved her teacher, Mrs. Balduc.
She came bouncing in our room this morning saying, "It's SUMMER!!!" Well, except that our park play date got rained out...and the pool party that I thought was tonight isn't until next Thursday....other than that....yes! Bring on summer!