Thursday, March 10, 2016

Touch a Truck

Last weekend Denton offered an awesome event called Touch a Truck. They had so many cool vehicles that you could climb in and look at.
Jensen was a little young to fully experience everything but I think he liked looking at it all. I can just imagine how excited he will be next year.
And then there is Eva. So, I might have forgotten how sensitive she is to all things sensory. Oops. This was a bit of a mom fail. I didn't realize that all the honking and sirens would freak her out. Next year we will be sure to get there early when they do a time period with no loud sounds specifically for kids like her. 

She did like painting a truck! There were lots of other fun things to see and do, and once she was further away from the loudness she calmed down a bit.
Afterwards we grabbed some lunch on the square and spent a few hours playing together. We played chase, watched a wedding on the courthouse steps, looked at books at Recycled Books, and wrapped it all up with some Beth Marie's ice cream. Our family has grown up so much since Ryan and I took engagement photos in the same spot 8 years ago! Look at those young people in love :)