Monday, November 16, 2015

9 Months Old

 Jensen at 9 Months

Weight: 22lbs 10 ounces (85th percentile) - this is the least amount you've grown since we brought you home! I think you are finally slowing down a bit.
Height: 27 inches (50th percentile)
Teeth: 2 on the bottom and tiny bit popping through for one of your top teeth. I can also see several teeth that are soon to be coming through. I better cherish your gummy smile while I can.
Clothes: 12-18months, and some 24 months just because we have lots of great hand me downs for you
Shoe Size: 6-12 months or a size 3
Diaper Size: 4
Biggest accomplishment: CRAWLING!!!! This is what most of our photo shoot looked like because you are always on the go now. Once you started moving you haven't stopped. You crawl around our house like an alligator on the hunt for food. You have also started pulling up onto furniture and will cruise just a tiny bit. When I try to snuggle you on the couch now you think it's a challenge to become the world's fastest mountain climber. And trying to get you to be still enough for a diaper change or getting you dressed has become quite the wrestling match.
First Word: Dada. Yep. All these days you've spent with me, and you decide to make Dada your first real word. I guess I understand, because he is pretty cool. I will sit there and say, "Mama, mmmm, mama, mama, mama, mama." You will smile and say, "Dada." Maybe next month.... Also if we are driving in the car and you are getting ready to go to sleep you will talk to your self with lots of nonsense words, fall asleep, then wake up later talking like you are finishing your last thought. Pretty silly.
My favorite part of this photo is seeing your little toes! I know those toes can't wait to walk soon.
Naps: usually 2 a day, around 10AM and 1:30 PM. You do great if you squeeze in just a 5-10 minute car nap in the evenings.
Bedtime: around 7:30 or 8 PM. You typically wake up at least once in the night...sometimes twice...and then are awake around 7:30 or 8 AM.
Nursing: usually 5-6 times a day depending on if you wake up at night.
Meals: 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  This month you have been feeding yourself more finger foods. This morning I for breakfast I gave you a bunch of thawed mixed berries and you loved it. You also made the biggest mess so I ended up having to bathe you right there in the sink. 
With your new found freedom to crawl you like getting to chose your toys. You love your musical learning table and will stand and play with it for 30 minutes some days. You love to "dance" and will bop your body along to your favorite tunes. I can usually make you laugh singing the "Hot Dog" song from Mickey Mouse. You also have started playing with some big chunky puzzles, the Little People barn and zoo, and our big bucket of play food.  Around the house you love to find all the door stoppers and make them going "boingggg" and every hour of every day you insist on pulling down all of the dish towels. You have also figured out how to shut the door when you are in a room, and you will stay right behind the door, making it super tricky to come rescue you when you've shut yourself in somewhere.
Your favorite playmate is of course, Eva. You like to hide and laugh with her, although you are also becoming more vocal when she does something that you don't like. You are curious and will get into her big girl toys as quick as you can, so we have started shutting doors to keep you out of places.

Finally my favorite thing about you: Your thighs. Sigh. I can't even. I just squish them all day long. They are perfect. I'm sad to hide them under pants as the weather turns colder. I hope they stay chubby for a long, long time.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day at the Zoo

Last week I took the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo. Eva had been asking to go for a while and looking at the weather forecast we decided that it would be the perfect day. Did you know that Wednesdays are half price day at the zoo??? Such a good deal. We did miss Ryan going with us but hopefully we can all go as a family next year.

Whenever I dreamed about my life as a stay at home mom I seriously always just pictured myself with two little kids just walking happily around the zoo. Like that was picture of what my life as a mom would look like. So here I am now with two little kids and it was every bit as awesome as I had imagined! I was worried it might get stressful but we had such a fabulous day!
Our first stop was the cheetah. I know, you've seen a cheetah before. But I feel like I haven't seen it out and about much at the zoo before. 
We strolled around for a bit and then took our snack break in front of the giraffes. I knew I would have to stop and feed Jensen for a bit and decided that stopping in front of cool animals would be way more entertaining than sitting in the big picnic area. 
The mama elephant nursing her son! Oh my goodness. This was such a magical moment for me to see. I'm sure part of that is because I'm a nursing mom, but it was so neat to see such giant animals embracing in such a tended, natural moment. Even Eva was like, "Oh that's the mama elephant. She's giving her baby milk. She has elephant boobs." Ha, so sweet. 
My one disappointment of the day was the kangaroos. Normally the kangaroos are my favorite! I love watching them awkwardly hop along. But that day they were sleeping both times we walked by. LAME. You owe me, kangaroos. 
Okay, this kangaroo cuteness made up for it. I love her giant smile. And the fact that she still needed my help climbing up on that kangaroo. 
Traveling in style! I love my Graco sit and stand. It made it so easy for Eva to hop on and off whenever she wanted. It is easy to push and allows them to giggle along together. AND Jensen even napped in it for part of the time. Yeah. I was "that mom" who had a baby actually sleeping in a stroller. I could probably count on one hand how many times that has ever happened once my kids aren't in an infant carrier. 
The lion. He didn't roar while we were there. We did spend some time making our best roaring sounds at him. He looked cuddly. 
 The mama and two baby lions looked like they were posed perfectly for photos.
The old male gorilla. If you can ever picture a male gorilla, isn't it always this exact same one? He always looks so grumpy.  At one point while we were watching he very clearly gathered all the females, communicated with them, and then every single gorilla spread out, turned around, and just showed us their hairy bottoms. Well played, grumpy old man. I bet you got a good laugh out of that trick.
My favorite zoo photo! You can't see any animals, but how cute are those children? We had such a wonderful day together that I will always remember.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween with the Bradleys

Last night we joined in on the magical Halloween fun. For the FIRST TIME EVER we all had costumes that went together!!! Oooh my mama heart LOVED this. Okay, so originally Eva was going to be Elsa or Anna. Then in true Bradley undecisive fashion she decided like 2 weeks ago to be the "new" Cinderella. Jensen was always going to be a pumpkin because we already had that from Eva and I love a good pumpkin baby. One day Eva had sweetly said, "Maybe Daddy could be my Prince?" which we thought was so cute but we hadn't really planned on it. Then yesterday morning, also in true Bradley fashion, we decided to throw together costumes so that Ryan could be Prince Charming and I could be the Fairy Godmother. We grabbed what we could find around the house - cape, crowns, wings, normal clothing - and added a few magical pieces of fabric for $5 at Walmart. Bippity-boppity-boo! We were the cast from Cinderella! Okay so maybe it was a bit of a stretch but it was fun getting all dressed up together. Next year we will plan this more ahead of time. Maybe. 
Their first Halloween together! Lucky little Jensen - for Eva's first Halloween we just grabbed a zebra costume at 5PM that night {I told you that's how we roll...} and took her along with us out to eat. Little man enjoyed the full Halloween experience, complete with a legit costume and trick or treating. I was never that in to Halloween before, but now that I have two kids it is so much fun! I love embracing the silly make believe part of it all.

The princess with her true love, her Daddy. This man will always have her heart. I know this one's a bit blurry but it is the only one I got where you can see that his sash matches her dress perfectly. That was 49 cents well spent.

Our first stop of the night was a fall festival in Trophy Club. I didn't get great pics but we had great fun. Eva really loves festival games now. The free candy wasn't too shabby either :) 
The Fairy Godmother with her Pumpkin...for my next trick, I shall make this baby sleep through the nigh! Poof! Oops. I didn't work. This silly pumpkin was up a few times but he did manage to sleep in until almost 8am the morning of Daylight Savings, so I must have some magical powers.

After the festival we stopped by a block party that some of our friends were having and then went trick or treating with some neighborhood friends. I did not get a photo of all the kids because by that time it was dark o'clock as we say in our house. But I did enjoy the thrill of watching Eva and her friends run door to door, laughing together on a wonderful sugar high. 
My favorite photo of the night. Happy First Halloween, Jensen! You were the perfect pumpkin, tagging along and handling the craziness like a pro. No candy for you this year bud, just lots of sweet kisses from your Mama.

And just for fun, a throw back to when Eva was the same pumpkin. She was already one year old, but was equally as cute.

As the clock struck twelve {umm, more like 9PM} and we were finally putting our princess to sleep, she looked at us and said with a smile, "Thank you Mama and Daddy for taking me trick or treating!!! I was well behaved. I am so proud of me!" That for me was a treat better than candy.