Friday, June 12, 2015

Four Months Old

Jensen at 4 Months Old

Hey there, Jensen! You are four months old today last week. Oh the problems of being the second child. At least you aren't forgotten! You are officially no longer a "premie" or a "newborn", to say the least....

Weight: 17lbs (87th percentile)
Height: 25 inches (62nd percentile)
Clothing Size: 6-9 Months
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Food: Oatmeal! At your four month check your doctor recommended that we start you on some easy solids to help with your reflux issues. We've also introduced avocado to you but you aren't as big of a fan of that.
Favorite Toy: The birds that dangle down off your baby play mat. You are also a big fan of some soft baby blocks that make a great crinkling sound.
What Makes You Cry: Being buckled in your car seat, although you calm down once we start driving. You also cry when you have to wait an extra second to eat another bite of oatmeal because I'm taking my turn to eat. And you do not like playing on your tummy, which we make you do anyway. In the photo below it looks like you have two teeth. You don't have teeth yet, but you are teething a lot which makes your way fussier than usual. Overall though you are such a relaxed, happy baby.
Best Accomplishment: Sleeping 12 hour stretches at night!!!! Usually 8pm-8am. You are also good with 3 solid naps each day, which has made getting your on a routine much easier. I also like seeing your respond to your name and our voices now.
Best Sound This Month: Baby chuckles! I LOVE making you laugh. You also make so many baby sounds - one of them sounds exactly like you are saying "hi" but I know you don't mean it intentionally. Does that count as your first word?
Big Moment: Dropping you off in the church nursery. Not every week, it depends on if you will be napping. You nap so well in the sling that I keep you on those weeks.We also left you with your first real babysitter, Malin, this past month. She said you did great!
Best Friend: Eva? Hahaha, you really do love her, just not so much in this photo. The other morning she stood on a step stool to talk to you in your crib when you first woke up and you were all smiles and coos for her. You also like it when she plays with you when you are in your "jumpity jump" (our name for your exersaucer). We played with our friend Ruby yesterday who is 8 months old and you were quite interested in her. It's okay if you want to be good friends with her.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Staycation {Part 3: Play Museum, Stonebriar, and a Date}

Let me first say, that I am in love with the photo of Jensen above. My son is handsome. I love that baby so much! Okay on with the vacation blog....
On Friday of our staycation week we went to the Frisco Play Museum. It was not so much of a museum, more like a really interactive play town. My comedian husband cleaverly posed Jensen with a wooden carton of milk in the restaraunt play shop. 
One of the first things Eva wanted to do was to dress up like a firefighter and put out the pretend flame burning from a building. She was even patient enough to eventually get to wear a firefighter helmet...those were in high demand.
Such a clever idea! When I was in elementary school our district had a pretend village set up where we could learn about economics and such {anybody remember Enterprise City????}. This was similar except kids could do whatever they wanted. Aside from the creative play village they also had an art table, magnetic blocks, kinetic sand {which of course Eva had to do even though we play with the same thing for about an hour a day at home...}, a table with floam-like material, and a few other actitivities. You even get a wooden coin with your admission that your child gets to use to "purchase" a healthy real snack. 
Beep beep! Firefighter Eva coming through...on her school bus.
They had a science area where you could change how the tubs and connector pieces were set up to see how it affected the battern of the balls. The real highlight of this photo is the kid on the right. One of my favorite things about Eva is her boldness in approaching kids to play with. We've taught her how to walk up to another kid, introduce herself, ask them their name and then ask if they want to play with her. We've also taught her that if she walks up to kids already playing something she needs to be okay with joining in on what they are if they are playing baby dolls she needs to go get a baby doll to join in. It is seriously so sweet to see her walk up and want to play with somebody. Well, Eva and I were playing together in the home living area because the crowd had died down a bit, and in walks this kid Cameron with a cart full of wooden groceries from the pretend Kroger store. Eva introduced herself and asked Cameron to play and from that moment until we left they were buds. He was a very funny kid. 
After the museum we headed to Stonebriar mall. Then we made her dreams come true...we let her ride on one of the silly rides that are in the play area. You know, the ones you always say, "Umm, not today..." when your kid begs to ride. We had some quarters so we let her go for it. 
Then we took her to ride the carousel! Okay, so I totally get that this is just a silly carousel in the middle of a mall food court. But she was so excited! As we were riding I thought about how one day she will be like, "Mom. I do NOT want to ride that lame carousel," and my heart will be a bit sad. So in that moment I fully embraced the ride and laughed my way around and around, being so thankful for that moment with my three year old who looks at a pretend horse like it has magical powers. 
We ended Friday night with dinner and a few games at Dave and Busters. This was mostly for Ryan who has mentioned going to Dave and Busters since we started dating and we never have gone before.
For our very last relaxing day we booked our favorite baby sitter for some date time. We started with board games at Starbucks. Then we went to the Foot Palace and got reflexology. This is kind of like a massage except less expensive and easier to book last moment. That's the best way to explain it.
Finally we enjoyed some On the Border to end our wonderful week. And that's a wrap for our 2015 staycation!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Staycation Part 2 {Mountasia, Main Event, and the Pool}

Here we are on Wednesday morning of our staycation week. I found an awesome Groupon for Mountasia in North Richland Hills. We made a fun morning out of it starting with some arcade games. Eva really enjoyed playing ski ball although I'm glad nobody was standing next to us because some of her ski balls went way far out of her lane. Then we found the "Deal or No Deal" game....this is seriously one of my new favorite games! We have it on the iPad at home but I've never really played it before. I like it! And then Eva won the huge ticket jackpot! I think she had like 300 tickets from that. Ironically she won the jackpot when we played games somewhere else on our vacation last year. Next trip: Las Vegas. 
After games it was time for some mini-golf. We played last summer at Sandy Lake and Eva has been asking to play again one day. Plus mini-golf is some sort of Bradley family vacation tradition from when Ryan was a kid. Look at that handsome man wearing his baby while he putts. Hubba-hubba :) 
Wednesday night was our one fancy dinner and we picked Kobeya in Southlake. It is a hibachi restaurant and it was soooo good.  I could eat hibachi every week if it wasn't so darn expensive.
Thursday morning we all went bowling. I don't think I've mentioned it but we planned the whole week out ahead of time and then would surprise Eva either the night before or the morning of with what we had planned for the day.  She was precious bowling. Most of the time she would go throw the ball as hard as she could, come back and wait with her hands on her hips and then jump up and down when her ball knocked down some pins. The Bradleys are very enthusiastic bowlers and we did crazy dances and cheered for everything!
Thursday afternoon we got to go swimming for the first time this summer. I may have possibly bought my kids coordinating swimsuits at Target a week ago. I love that summer time patriotic wear is one of the areas I can actually make them match. Going to the pool was honestly one of my favorite things we did all week. I know we will go often this summer but it was so fun!
This summer Eva just jumped right in! No tears for this veteran swimmer. 
Little man's first time to put his toes in the pool. The water was much warmer than I expected but I wasn't prepared for him to actually swim so this was as much as he did. I got a waterproof ring sling so I can wear him in the pool since he's not big enough for our baby raft yet. I hope he loves the water as much as the rest of us.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Staycation {Part 1: East Texas, the Dallas Aquarium, and Reunion Tower}

This past week our family enjoyed a nice staycation week. We had originally thought about either getting a cabin in Oklahoma or renting a town home in Austin for a few nights and now I am so glad we didn't end up going with those choices since both of those areas had terrible flooding the past few days. Instead we got to do so many awesome local activities. 
We did, however, want to spend a few nights out of the house so we started our week by visiting a family friend in East Texas on Sunday afternoon. We like to visit Miss Joyce, a family friend who is like a grandmother to Ryan. I had visions of Eva laughing and running all around the land where Joyce lives. My city girl didn't quite appreciate the plan - too many mosquitoes! - but we did take her out onto the old dock.
Happy Memorial Day! I took a ton of beautiful outdoor photos of Eva and Jensen but for the sake of the blog I will limit myself to a few. But seriously, sweet children in a scenic outdoor area was the perfect setup for some favorite shots. 
Swinging outside with Joyce. This is our favorite swing ever because you can go really fast and high.
The next day/night we went to stay with Ryan's parents in Royse City. We had planned a little family picnic but a big thunderstorm along with a power outage rerouted our plans to Cracker Barrel. 
These sweet cousins didn't mind, they can be silly anywhere!
Tuesday we planned a day in downtown Dallas. Our original plan had been to visit the Arboretum and eat an a cool outdoor area but the rain again changed our plan. Instead we took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium.
Watching the tiny eels move up and down. 
Little man was very interested in looking at everything. He was really enchanted watching everything and a very happy baby riding in his stroller. 
Sharks! Y'all, this photo wasn't even staged. We were standing there waiting for a big one when I caught this candid moment. 
After the aquarium we stopped over at Reunion Tower. I had looked up info online and thought the the Cloud 9 Cafe sounded like fun. The "cafe" part was a bit is a Wolfgang Puck "restaurant" but they only served boxed sandwiches and a few snacks. But we still enjoyed looking out on Dallas and made the most of it. And now every time we drive past the big ball we can remember going there all together! Also this is one of the only family photos we squeezed in for the whole week. How is that possible? We need a personal photographer to track us next time.

More staycation to come...