Thursday, April 30, 2015


Eva has been taking gymastics since January and I wanted to share a few photos from her class this week. They aren't the best because I took them from behind the parent window in the waiting area so that I wouldn't be distracting her but I wanted to remember how precious she is during her class each week. Also it is really hard to get good photos or videos when you are trying to focus on one kid in a whole gym full of running, bouncing, flipping, rolling preschoolers :) She originally got to take the classes as a Christmas gift from grandparents but she loves it so much we are going to try to let her continue taking them through summer and hopefully next fall. 
After they do warm ups they all sit on a line and watch the coaches demonstrate each station. This is so cute to see because she isn't in a "look and listen" situation very often and I love that she just fits right in. She had to learn how to stay on task and listen to the coach her first few times but she does such an awesome job now!
Working on her cartwheel! I love that gymnastics has helped her work on strength and flexibility. I don't expect her to be a professional gymnast but she is learning skills that will help her with whatever she loves doing one day. Even just learning to stay at her station and to keep working is an important skill. I also appreciate that gymnastics is an indoor activity at 11am - not an early morning, freezing weather activity. Let's stick with this :)
One of my favorite things about watching Eva at class is to notice how much she is just herself. She is the tiniest, but she works hard. She has tons of energy, and that's compared to a full class of 3-5 year olds. She likes to please her coach but has also learned to be motivated enough to keep practicing even when a coach isn't right beside her. She gets so excited when she learns a new skill, like pulling herself up to the mid-balance beam!
Working on her back roll down the wedge mat. I wish we had these mats at home. She likes to practice rolling backwards on our bed towards the pillows for a soft landing. 
I don't know what this is called but I think its setting her up to be able to do a back flip one day? She also loves to do back bends. All. Around. The. House. - at nap time, watching TV, in the playroom, she is one crazy back bending girl! I'm so thankful she gets to do gymnastics and glad that she loves it too!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Update {4.12.15}

This weekend we started off the fun by taking our kids to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville. I had heard of this zoo several times. Lots of people recommended it but always with the preface, "It's not the Fort Worth Zoo...." so I honestly went into the day excited but with low expectations. I was wrong - this was a really fun zoo! No, it isn't the Fort Worth Zoo, which I'm pretty sure is like world acclaimed or something like that, but it had lots of good animals and you could get really close up to many of them. We also picked a great day to visit the zoo - not too many people with cool weather. My favorite kind of a zoo day :)  
One of the things we were looking forward to was the giraffe feeding. Eva got to give the giraffe a piece of lettuce. It was a tiny bit anticlimactic in that it was over in about 5 seconds but Eva still really liked it.
 She also got to spend some time feeding goats. 
 Pretending to be a giraffe. I liked that she laughed at herself when she saw this photo on my phone.
 Bears! {in the top left corner} That girl and her daddy are so silly together.
The day before the zoo I finally learned how to wear Jensen in the ring sling I sewed before he was born. Let me say that I LOVE wearing him in this sling. I have a Moby wrap and an Infantino front/back carrier and this is definitely my new favorite wrap. It is so quick and easy to put him in and it is very comfortable to wear. I wore Jensen in it the entire time we were at the zoo and it didn't hurt my back at all. Plus it was chilly so wearing Jensen helped both of us stay warm. 
After the zoo we rode the train goes all around the park right next door.You can somewhat tell in this photo that after 3 1/2 years Eva's dark blue eyes are suddenly turned hazel green like mine. Her hair is also growing in a much darker blonde. Crazy!
Ryan over excited, Jensen under excited. A perfect duo. Jensen seriously slept through most of the day. That baby can sleep through anything.
And lastly we played on the playground! I may have gotten stuck trying to climb out of this tire swing. Awkward mom moment. Note: I'm not wearing Jensen on the swing, I just left the carrier on. 
Friday night we all went to the varsity baseball game up at Byron Nelson. I wore Jensen again....and he slept through most of the game :) We all had a bunch of fun with friends, until Eva jumped in a giant mud puddle. After that we had to call it a night.
Ryan's parents came up to play on Saturday morning which gave Ryan time to do yard work and me time to run a few kid free errands. Running errands without kids is so much easier and faster, but while I was out I looked at the photos of Eva and Jensen that Nana has posted and it made me miss them so much! So then I hurried home with some lunch for everybody.
Saturday night was spent on a date with my handsome man! We hadn't gone out alone since way back in January so we were really looking forward to it! Some friends gave us a Brio gift card and offered to baby sit on whatever night we used it - double awesome! We enjoyed some wonderful steak and walked around Southlake listening to the live music.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Two Months Old

Jensen at TWO MONTHS
Weight: 12lbs 10 oz (53rd percentile) - Woah premie baby! That is not even adjusted for being born 4 weeks early.
Height: 22 1/2 inches (15th percentile) - So basically you are short and round. Multiple people have said you look like a basketball :)

Clothing: 3 months
Diaper: size 2
Likes: milk, being worn in a baby carrier, lights, ceiling fans, talking with Mama, Daddy, and Eva, your bird friend on your play mat
Dislikes: pacifiers, being swaddled, your crib, bath time, quietness

Nicknames: buddy, little man, and for some reason Eva calls you "Lolly" (no clue...)

Sleep Schedule: right at 8 weeks old you started doing a good 8-9 hour stretch. I usually feed you around 10:30 PM and you will sleep until 7ish, give or take some time. Your naps are not consistent, mostly you sleep when you are tired. You sleep waaayyyy less than last month but that is normal. One day you would hardly sleep all day long and the next day you spent 16 hours straight just eating or sleeping so it really varies. You mostly sleep in the swing/bouncy seat in the living room, when I wear you in a carrier, or in the car.

Feeding Schedule: Every 1 1/2 hours during the day. You are a hungry little man! You eat a lot all day long to help make up for great sleeping at night. I'll take it. Feeding you only takes 5-10 minutes so it's not too much.
This month we have gotten lots of smiles and coos from you. I love when I get a still moment to just sit and talk with you. I seriously wish I could hold you all day long because I know the infant months go by too fast. You are already so much bigger. A busy life and taking care of big sister means that I have to set you down more than I would chose to.
You are generally content on your play mat or sitting in the bumbo for short periods of time while I get things done, as long as I don't leave you for too long. You love to be in the company of others and are happiest when you are being cuddled and loved. I never took naps with Eva but you will get so sweet and cuddly that I do enjoy nap time with you some days.
You recognize and respond to my voice and Daddy's voice now. If he walks in a room you will turn and smile at him way more than a random person. Sometimes you try to nurse on Daddy....obviously that doesn't work :) But you will take a bottle from him which is awesome.
Eva loves you soooo much. She is always in your face and kissing you. She can't wait to be big enough to carry you. I hope you love her as much because you and her are together for life...there is no getting out of this best friendship. Embrace it.

I hope you stay my little baby for a long time. I love you so much.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jesus. Family. Candy. Easter Bunny. {Easter 2015}

Happy Easter everyone! The day we celebrate that it matters that Jesus is RISEN! As I'm lounging around the house this evening helping my daughter recover from the inevitable sugar crash I decided to go ahead and blog about our weekend. 
Saturday afternoon we celebrated Easter with our Bradley family. Sweet cousins! I love this photo of Eva and "my Mallory" as she calls her cousin. 
Jensen was thrilled to celebrate his first Easter! Or maybe he just drank a lot of milk and slept. You decide.
 Our first photo of all 5 Bradley grandchildren with Nana and Papa.
Uncle Greg hiding in a tree. Maybe he thought he was an Easter egg? So random, but it needed to be included.
The newest photo of all the Bradleys....there are a bunch of us now! 
 Time to hunt Easter eggs!
 Racing Mallory. Pretty sure they both filled up their baskets to the brim.
 Showing Daddy her basket.
 Ready to sort her candy and decide what to eat.
 Jensen's Easter basket from Nana. He couldn't contain his excitement.
The girls opening their baskets. 
Saturday night our church hosted a glow in the dark egg hunt with a bounce house, face painting, popcorn, and the Easter Bunny! 
Sunday morning I got these two cuties ready for church. Hahahaha.....
Our friends Malin and Austin also got Eva an Easter basket filled with GLITTERY eggs! So beautiful!
My parents, aunt and uncle, and my grandpa Hank all joined us for church service and then came back to our house for lunch afterwards. 
Great Grandpa Hank meeting Jensen for the first time. He now has 4 great grandchildren.
 Posing in her Easter dress! Her shoes are my favorite part. I got the shoes way earlier and had to find a dress to go with them.
 Showing off her shy personality. Seriously. I just wish this girl would talk and laugh more.
Looking dapper. I forgot to add his little man hat, but he still stole my heart in his first button up and tie ensemble. 
Celebrating Jesus as a family of four! More noise. Less sleep. Too much candy. An abundance of love.
A look back at past four Easters. I guess we are all growing up.