Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Princess Mallory's Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to our niece, Mallory! We got to celebrate with  Mallory and all her family and friends this past Saturday at an official princess party.
All the little girls dressed up. Mallory was Belle and Eva was Ariel (from the end of the movie). This was such a cute idea! My sister in-law, Amanda, did a great job planning a princess party.
The princess with her cake! Love the cake made by my other sister in-law, Melody. Very pink with Disney princesses all around. 
All of Mallory's princess (and knight...) friends. I hope Mallory had a such a fun birthday party and has a wonderful birthday today. I love that little girl sooooo much and I am so glad she can be best friends with Eva!

Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

I joined Twitter. I have never really cared about this, and honestly I've been trying to spend way less time on my phone lately. I would rather be engaged in my real life than reading everything ever on social media sites. I joined for 2 reasons...student ministry and Jimmy Fallon. Most high school students are on twitter so this is a way to connect with some of our BSM students. And I am really liking Jimmy Fallon. I enjoy his weekly hashtags and I wanted to be able to read more of them. So feel free stop right now and go  follow me on Twitter :) @kate_bradley30
Our MOPS group has ended for the year. Actually it has ended forever. The church I was doing MOPS through is switching up their women's ministry for next year and doing a different program. I am so thankful that I took a step and joined this group. I've met such wonderful women and have enjoyed their friendships. Eva has enjoyed making new friends and learning about Jesus with her MOPS teachers. 
I am really getting into essential oils. It started with the Young Living starter kit, which I absolutely love. I have also bought a few Doterra oils, as well as a couple by Aura Cacia. Now before any of my friends devoted to either YL or DO disown me, let me say that I've done lots of research into different brands. It is definitely important to use a quality oil for health reasons and to get quality results. Having read tons of information and based on my experience, I feel like each of these oils are high quality. I LOVE using these oils for a million purposes....cleaning, mood up-lifting, allergies, headaches, helping my toddler sleep...the list is endless! If anybody ever wants to hear more about how amazing essential oils are, all you have to do is ask me! I don't sell any oils but have plenty of good friends who are distributors.
I got to see some of our middle school students perform in a choir concert this week. I would not relive middle school for anything, but oh gosh how I love these girls. It was really sweet to see them sing their hearts out. 
Thursday night we had a small group evening of hanging out and eating. I am thankful for all God has done in our friendships since we started our group last fall. We were designed to live in community with others, to have real friendships with people who can encourage us in our faith as we do the same for them. I love each of these ladies!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a sweet Mother's Day weekend and here are a few of my favorite photos and moments.
Saturday night we met up with some of my family for dinner at Mi Cocina. I always love having all four generations of girls together in my family. There is something so unique about the bond between generations of women in a family.
I can't figure out why this photo won't rotate (it will, but it turns when I upload) but this was THE FUNNIEST Mother's Day card. Ryan had Eva tell him exactly what she wanted to tell me for Mother's Day and he wrote it down. I like the way her little two year old mind works. Hopefully you can turn your head sideways to read it :) I will keep this forever.
Ryan was still working at church so Eva and I enjoyed brunch at Cafe Bradley. The patio seating was lovely. There was no wait time. The company was divine. And the reheated leftovers weren't too shabby. 
Sunday evening we went to my sister in-law's house to celebrate Mother's Day as well as our nieces' birthdays. I love this photo of Nana with her four little girls.
Kiersi just turned 8 and Kayden is about to turn 7. I like how this photo captures their personalities - it's so candid! 
All the Bradley girls - I love that we all have little girls :)
 And the original Bradleys.
Finally I had to throw this one in. After cake and presents we were all hanging out in the yard. They brought out some silly string because the top of the cake had looked similar. They had the granddaughters stand in the middle and started to spray them. The other girls all screamed and ran away laughing. Eva stood there very seriously. I guess she didn't know what to do, so she just let everybody spray her. I was worried she might start to cry, but she didn't. Haha, what a funny moment to remember!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beach Day

Our family has been planning on taking a beach day for a couple of weeks. My original plan was to take a day trip to Granbury next Friday as an early Mother's Day celebration. Then I decided that maybe it would be fun if we went this past Friday since the weather was warming up. And then on Thursday evening one of friends told us that Trophy Club actually has a beach as part of an extension of Trophy Club park. Thank you, Alex, for giving us an adventurous day and hilarious story.....
So most of the park area is like this. Lots of grasslands and areas to hike around in. We found the right spot to park in. We got a little park map. We looked up how to get to the beach...no worries, it was only a short 1 mile hike...wearing flip flops and pushing a stroller loaded down with beach necessities. 
Never one to pass up a great awkward encounter, we decided to venture off onto the trail. Or as Eva would say, "We in the JUNGLE???" She was pretty convinced we would see a tiger and I'm sure Ryan was about to faint at the possibility of running across a snake. 
Fallen tree obstacles in our way? No problem. We are the Bradleys, after all. We simply pick up our stroller, trying not to drop our child, and venture onward.
Finally we reached the sandy path. This is much more of how we imagined the trail that was described to us on Thursday night. Only one problem. It was impossible to push the stroller in the sand. Never fear Eva, Daddy will pull you backwards the whole time. Wheee!!!!
Finally we made it to the shoreline. This part was actually great. Eva loved playing in the sand.
We had surprised her with a couple of new beach toys so she was very entertained. 
Of course, there was that one point where I tried to venture out a little bit. I wasn't trying to go far, just enough for the water to cover my ankles. Then suddenly the sand beneath me was sinking! Seriously, it was how I imagined quick sand feeling. Every time I moved my feet went deeper into the sand. I was almost up to my knees (in sand, not water) before I could figure out how to get out. Aside from that small moment of panic, we had fun. I have no idea why the sand was suddenly like that underneath such a small amount of water. After that we stuck very close to the shore line. 
My nature enthusiast! We saw a few giant dead fish across the shore. Eva was very interested in looking at them and pouring water next to them for the fish to drink. 
She also had a blast throwing stones into the water.
All silly stories aside, we did have a fun day at the beach. We stayed for a couple of hours and were the only ones there so it was very relaxing. We laughed a ton which was good for us. The shore was breezy and I loved watching Eva play. I would definitely go back, although I might wearing better shoes next time for the jungle hike :)
Now I am ready to take her to an actual ocean beach. I wish it could be somewhere exotic and amazing...but maybe Galveston? Hopefully soon.