Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Update in iPhone Pics {1.26.14}

Here's our weekend update....Friday morning we got our bounce on at Urban Air. We jumped and ran and jumped some more! I really like the action shot of Eva in the air on the bottom right picture above.
On Friday afternoon Ryan went with some men from our church to a conference so Eva and I drove to Dallas. We went and played at the Galleria mall before meeting my parents for dinner at Mi Cocina. Whenever Ryan is gone overnight I make sure to plan something fun for me and Eva to do so that I'm not left thinking about how different our house feels when he is away. I may be 30 years old, but I DO NOT like to be home by myself at night.
Around 7 AM Saturday morning I was awoken with a loud explosion sound. Very startling.  Thankfully this has happened before so I knew it was the transformer (or something like that) from the power line outside our bedrooms. This has happened before in the middle of the night when it was terrifying so at least it wasn't as scary. But it did get us up and going nice and early on Saturday. The explosion knocked out our power for about 5 hours so we enjoyed a nice cold breakfast in the dark.
Later that morning I took Eva to see her first movie! We went to see Frozen and she did surprisingly well. We got there early and sat on the back row so she would have some wiggle room. They played an old Mickey Mouse short film at the beginning and that almost made her want to leave. Very boring and outdated. Why would they do that???? But we did like Frozen. We stayed for an hour, got up and walked around in the lobby for about 30 minutes, and then caught the ending. I just kept reminding myself the whole time that it was about the experience of getting to go to the movies with her for the first time, way more than it was about the actual movie. I wanted to give her the grace to just be a two year old - whether that meant staying 10 minutes or getting up and down often or eating too much popcorn and cookies to stay motivated :) 
Saturday night my bff Marianne turned 29! She hosted an awesome birthday party where everyone brought multiples of their favorite thing and we did a "favorite thing exchange". It was such a neat idea! I ended up with some awesome lip balm, cute stationary, warm fuzzy socks, and bright colored athletic socks (which I really needed!). I love this idea for a great girl's night or birthday party!
While I was enjoying my girl's night, Ryan was taking Eva bowling for the first time. His dad turned 63 on Sunday so our family met up to bowl and eat. How cute is that girl with the giant bowling ball?!?!? I can't believe I had to miss that. Thankfully Ryan took video so I could still enjoy the extreme cuteness. 
A bit of church fashion. Our church is pretty casual and honestly I could probably take Eva in her pjs and nobody would care....but what fun is that? Part of the awesomeness of having a little girl is getting her dressed up, right? I love this combo of purple and gray with her boots. It looks like something I would wear, which is probably why I love it on her so much.
Sunday afternoon we had temperatures in the 70's. Woo-hoo! It won't last but at least we embraced the afternoon. We all went to play at the park and enjoyed our time outdoors :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sea Life Aquarium

As a parent, you are aware that your kid is listening to you, or at least you usually hope that they are listening. Sometime we have to throw out the occasional "Did you hear what I said?" or "I already answered that question" to remind them to keep listening. But do you ever have times when you are surprised at what they have indirectly picked up?
On Friday we had planned to take Eva to the Grapevine Sea Life Aquarium. We hadn't mentioned anything to her directly because we knew that once we did she would ask about it non-stop until we actually went. Plus as a mom I think it's awesome to allow your child to have totally fun "SURPRISE!" moments when they aren't expecting to get to do something big. So we went about our day and would make casual references to each other about going but we didn't actually tell her ahead of time. 
Then about an hour before we were going to leave Eva looked up and asked me about going to see the fish. I tried to play it off at first by asking her "What about the fish?" Then she asked again, and my response was "Where do you think we would see fish at?" (still trying to see if she has actually picked up on the bits of our conversation) to which see replies "At the aquarium." Woah. Not only did she just throw out the word aquarium like it was a normal word for her to use, but she was listening during the day and figured out all on her own that we were planning to go there and would see fish. 
I'm sure this doesn't seem like a call Harvard, our child is a genius moment to most people, but I was so surprised!  I guess I really need to be aware of what I say in front of her tiny, listening ears.
Anyway, we did visit the aquarium and had a blast! We hadn't been in a year so it was neat to see how excited Eva was to run around everywhere see all the fish. She would say "OH! Yyyook!" at everything.
I would definitely recommend this place. It is way cheaper than the Dallas aquarium (although smaller), and if you buy tickets online and go after 5PM you can get the best deal.  They have lots of interactive parts. The whole place is decorated in a cool aquatic feel, complete with peaceful sea-like music.


Saturday morning we let Eva go stay with my parents. Can I stop for a minute and say how incredibly THANKFUL I am that both of our parents live close enough for Eva to see and stay with them regularly? I am also grateful that all of her grandparents are wonderful people and that we love both of our families so much. I know lots of people don't have this benefit or great relationship with their families and I don't ever want to take it for granted. Mamy, Baba, Nana and Papa - you are the best grandparents our baby could ever have!!!! So....we sent Eva to my parents so we could have a fun "SaturDATE". That's my made up word for a Saturday filled with date time. You may use it :)
What did we do first for our big day of dates?! Umm, we took 15 middle school students bowling. Not exactly a date but we did have a good time. Bowling is fun. Students are fun. Why not, right? We had been wanting to do a middle school hang out and the timing worked out well to do it that morning.
Before I get to the romantic part of our date let me share the way Ryan and I come up with date ideas. We state the obvious choices (usually places we have gift cards for). We throw out the more adventurous ideas (like going to a Mavs game). We google date night ideas. We talk about how the weather can ruin lots of those ideas. We have a thorough one hour discussion of the pros and cons of each idea. We kill any amount of spontaneity. We remember that we are on a very limited budget. We decide to stick to our original list of obvious choices. We laugh and roll our eyes at ourselves for going through this process for the hundredth time in our relationship.

So we ended up going with the thrilling option of dinner and a movie! Yay! No, really, we were looking forward to eating at Brio for the first time and getting to see a movie we had been wanting to see since October. Dinner was good - Brio is definitely as yummy as people said it was! On to the movie....
During our time of pros/cons we decided to see 12 Years as a Slave. I was a bit hesitant because I don't always like seeing heavier movies on a date night but we went with it. We bought the tickets. And then we realized they only had front row seats left. NOT HAPPENING. We went back and exchanged the tickets to see Gravity instead. This was actually a great choice because it gave us a good hour to walk around the Southlake Townsquare while talking and listening to live music.
Gravity was good and pretty intense.

We really enjoyed our date. I got to spend a long amount of quality time with the love of my life. And if you are ever in need of someone to help you have a long detail-oriented conversation about planning a date, give us a call.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 on Friday 
Alright here is my newest version of 5 on Friday. I am writing this during nap time on Thursday so it only seems fitting that my number one be.....
The "I Can't Sleep" dilemma. Scenario 1: You are exhausted and planning to sleep when your child naps, so you let your mind think about how amazing a nap would be. Then your child makes loud sounds and is highly energetic throughout her "rest" time therefore you never get to lie down like you hoped for. Scenario 2: You child falls asleep quickly. You have the time to rest. Your body is against you and won't allow you to actually fall asleep. Which of these scenarios is worse? I am leaning towards scenario 1 because your mind is so desiring sleep and yet with each additional loud crashing sound, you doubt that will happen. I wish I could help Eva sleep by cuddling up with her but I know from experience that doing so will only result in disaster.
Friendly visits. We had another former student from our youth group visit us while she is home on break from college. We have known Mollie for years and love her so much! It means so much when students initiate getting to see us while they are at home. Mollie is about to hop on a plane to Spain for the semester and we are so excited for her!
MOPS. I've been looking forward to MOPS starting back all week! I love having this on my calendar and even Eva was excited when I told her that we got to go this week. She adores seeing her little friends and even thought to pray for two of them the night before we started back. I love that she enjoys going as much as I do. Also we played BUNCO, which is such a fun game. 
The Bachelor. Yes, I will admit that I am usually a huge fan of the show. I am usually so excited to watch it on Monday night. But this season? For the sake of being nice I will just say that I am not a big fan of Juan Pablo. Some of the things he has done and said really bother me. I know it's a reality dating show, but still....have some class. For the record, I really hope Nicky the children's nurse is on of the top finalists (DO NOT TELL ME IF YOU KNOW) but then again, I kind of think she is way classier than Juan Pablo. I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep watching this season.
Chocolate cake. I just found a huge piece of well preserved chocolate cake in the freezer that is leftover from my birthday party. I had forgotten that I had saved this piece. It was wrapped really well and still tastes delicious! Also I realized I can just slice off tiny pieces and rewrap it so that I don't have to commit to eating the whole thing at once. I love some frozen chocolate icing.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Update in iPhone Pics {1.12.14}

Friday night we had some of our BSM students over for pizza. We have just selected 4 students to be our  BSM Ambassadors (to act as leaders and be available for student ministry input) so we invited them over to hang out and go over everything. I did not get a picture :(
After they left we went to the high school basketball game. Usually the varsity boys' game is too late for us to watch but we were able to stick around and see some of it. Go Bobcats!
Saturday afternoon we had over our friends, the McKinneys. Andrew used to work with Ryan at Redeemer and they were friends even before that from Denton Bible Church. They brought their sweet baby, Eleanor with them. We hadn't seen Eleanor since she was newborn tiny. This girl is quite a cutie! Eva had a good time playing with her and even tried to share her favorite Buzz Lightyear toy, which sadly Eleanor is too young to play with. 
Along with Monica, we also invited my bff Erica. Erica and Monica were close college friends back before I ever knew Monica and we all love each other now! 
The ladies were busy talking in the other room when I looked up and saw this. Our husbands sitting in the playroom doing puzzles with their baby girls...and not in a complainful "oh man we got stuck with the kids" way....they were totally just playing and being men like this was their new normal and they love it. #heartmelted
Eleanor was kind enough to bring back the whale bathtub she had borrowed from us for her "baby days" now that she has outgrown it. Eva on the other hand was pretty convinced that she was still a baby and still needed to use it. Hahaha, can you imagine bathing a two year old in that thing? 
Saturday night we went to Dallas and met my family at Grimaldi's. I had been wanting to try this place for a while and it was sooooo good. That's me, enjoying my "small" pizza. It was about 3 times as big as my head. I ordered a white pizza with bacon and black olives. It was delicious! And I will have leftovers for many days! 
My cousin Aaron was there to see us one last time before he headed back to his army base. Eva enjoyed wearing his army hat. 
Afterwards we shopped and walked around the new(ish?) Shops at Park Lane. I'm sure this has probably been here a few years now, but it sure wasn't when I was growing up and I'd never been before. We have tons of outdoor shops right by us in Southlake, but these shops felt so hip and urban. Also Eva LOVED getting swung in the air while she walked with Mamy and Baba. Grandparents are the best.
Sunday morning we went to church. I have been meaning to get a picture of Eva all dressed up in this adorable sparkly dress that she was gifted, but every time she wears it I forget. She had already taken off her cardigan, tights, and sparkly shoes to ride her tricycle, but at least I snapped this photo. Girly and sporty? Sounds like Eva.
Sunday night we had BSM at our place. I mentioned in my 5 on Friday that God has been doing great things and answered many prayers. I love having so many students in our home learning about how much God loves them. 
I will leave you with this. At first glance, she looks too cool for words. At second glance, you realize that she has her eyes closed behind the glasses.

Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday 
Happy Friday! Trying to get back into blogging this year, starting with my 5 things on Friday. 
Eva got the game Candyland for Christmas and since then we've been playing every day. I am loving seeing her get into playing a game and she does a pretty good job playing considering she is only 2. When I convinced her that the whole point was to get to the castle she decided that we should probably play 5 times a day.
 Ryan and I have also been playing tons of the game Settlers of Catan. One of our friends got it for Christmas and we've been played it with him several evenings over the past 2 weeks. It may be nerdy, but we have so much fun playing! Also after loosing every single games for days I finally won the past 3 rounds that we've played!
One of the best part of the holidays is catching up with old friends. After Christmas we met up with some of my high school friends, some of whom I haven't seen in a decade. We've also gotten to hang out with many former students from our youth group who are home for the winter break. 
Umm, yes that is a picture of a toilet, but no that's not one of my five things. Look down below the toilet and check out the new rug! I have been wanting a new rug for our guest bathroom for a while but it was always at the bottom of my list. I got a Target gift card for Christmas and found this one. Okay, this is actually the third one that I got in a series of exchanges - the first was too thick for the door to shut, the second slipped around too easily - but I love it the most of all 3! I had been looking in the bathroom rug section before and finally found this one in the home rug section. I love the color and design and it sure brightens up our little guest bath! 

ANSWERED PRAYERS. I have been blessed to see God answer so many prayers lately, like having my cousin, Aaron, safely home from his tour in Afghanistan. God has answered prayers for friends finding places to live or jobs. Prayers for joy and communication. Prayers for our church. Seriously, so many prayers have been answered. Praising God today for all this!