Sunday, May 29, 2011

25 Weeks!!!

Yesterday was the 25 week mark - WOW! Early on I had planned to take pictures every week or 2...which turned into once a month...which turned into approximately once a month taking into consideration when I am dressed nice enough and feel good enough to pose for a picture! This morning worked out well so we stepped outside and took a few shots before church.

It's funny. There are some days when I already feel SO HUGE. I think, okay, this is as big as I want to get. There is no more room for a baby in there. The scale is showing new and foreign numbers when I am forced to step on it at the doctor's office. And then there are other days where I think, "Do I even look pregnant?" Probably no one can tell that I'm pregnant. I turn to the side and try to suck in and pretend that my stomach has not grown that much, but even other body parts unfaithfully betray me. Darn it. I might be able to squeeze into a non-maternity outfit. Right? Who am I kidding. Today at the pool a lady asked me when my baby was due. Risky move lady. Lucky for her I'm actually pregnant. So, maybe it is a little obvious that I'm rocking a baby bump.

A week ago I had my 24 week doctor's appointment and so far everything looks good and is measuring right. I also got to do the recommended gestational diabetes testing that I had always heard wasn't much fun, but the nurse gave me a choice between orange drink or fruit punch Fruit punch, please! I was thinking I'd have to drink a huge amount but it wasn't bad at all. Plus Ryan and I brought cards to play while we waited for an hour to compare my blood sugar levels. Since I haven't heard anything back in a week, I'm assuming I passed the test. What can I say, I've always done well on tests!

Here's my 25 week update for anyone who is interested:
* Just forgot what I was going to type first. So I guess I'll go with that I'm still forgetful. And clumsy. I drop things repeatedly.
* I've been way less nauseous in the past 6 weeks. Hooray!!!
* I feel dizzy a lot especially if I get hot. Just put me in the pool. Problem solved.
* I am short of breath all the time. I guess little Eva is squishing everything around and making my lungs work differently.
* My back hurts. I know this is typical when you're pregnant, but the first time I noticed it I was surprised. I've never had back issues. It isn't awesome, but I will survive.
* I get to feel Eva kicking and moving ALL the time. This is so wonderful!!!!! There are lots of times when Ryan and I can actually see my belly move when she kicks. So cool!
* Looking at my bump to body ratio, I feel like I am carrying low-ish. Not as low as some people but differently than people who I wouldn't say carried low. I read online this week that my uterus is approximately the size of a soccer ball. Yes, I would say it looks like there could be a soccer ball in there.
*Most food smells so good! I haven't had any crazy cravings, but when I think of a certain food or smell something, I want to eat it right then. Yesterday I woke up from a nap thinking about pan seared Chilean Sea Bass with rice, which is random because I'm not a big seafood fan. I looked online though and the only restaurant I could find that served that near us was a little pricey so I ended up settling on grilled trout with mashed potatoes. Also today at the pool lots of people were grilling and it all smelled amazing. Except that I'm not a big hamburger eater and its recommended that you don't eat hot dogs when you're pregnant. Thus, I enjoyed the smell but couldn't really eat anything even if people had invited me to join them in their feast. Which they didn't.
*Sometimes I'm "emotional" or as we like to refer to it a "crazy pregnant lady." If you know anyone who suffers from this pregnancy syndrome, just humor them and love them. It passes. And since I am forgetful, I probably won't remember why I was upset.
*My current weight is *** yeah, right. I wouldn't post that for the world.
*I am so excited for the coming months. I am loving nesting and getting everything ready for Eva. I am looking forward to some special baby showers. I want to remind myself to soak in everything wonderful about being pregnant and not take it for granted. I want to thank God for this blessing instead of complaining about how I feel or worrying about things I can't control. Let's hope this works!
I also wanted to post a picture from church today of my friend Molly and I. Molly is due in 7 days, which really means that her baby could arrive any day! It has been so great being pregnant at the same time as Molly and sharing stories (and borrowing her maternity jeans - thanks friend!!!!). Since this could potentially be the last Sunday we're pregnant together I got her to take a quick pic outside. The wind was blowing like crazy, but I think that makes the picture even better. We're praying for you, Molly!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Mallory Anne Estes!

Happy Birthday to our newest niece, Mallory Anne Estes! Mallory was born yesterday evening (May 21st) at 7:49 pm. Ryan and I got to see her through the nursery window at Baylor Dallas last night. Seeing her made me look forward to having our baby even more...I'm sure labor is really hard, but at the end you get a baby!

She weighed 5 lbs 12 oz and was 18 3/4" long. My sister in-law gave birth to Mallory 3 weeks early via c-section, but she and the baby are both healthy and doing well. We got to visit with Amanda for just a few minutes while she was in recovery, but it was close to 10pm so they were getting ready to close down visitation. We are hoping to get to go back to see Amanda and hold Mallory soon! Congratulations to Amanda and Brian on their beautiful baby! You did it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Makings of a Young Girl's Room

This is the before - what our guest room used to look like. The picture is kind of dark so it's hard to tell but we had a gold decorative bedspread, gold shimmery drapes, and light colored wood furniture. You can't see it but we also have a lovely HP desktop computer on a metal computer desk in the corner.

But with a baby on the way, all this had to change. I am so excited to decorate a nursery! That's why you have a baby, right? It's a little challenging to figure out where to store some of the old stuff we kept in the guest room, and even more challenging since we're still not sure if we will be moving in the next 6 weeks, but I wanted to go ahead and start getting a few things for inspiration. I figure these essentials will look cute wherever we live. Here are a few of my first treasures and future ideas...
1. A fancy pink dresser. We found this refinished at a boutique near Ryan's parents house. I saw it one Saturday. I thought about it for 2 weeks. My mother in-law went back and took a picture of it for me to refresh my memory. We went back and bought it last Saturday! Plus we got it for $50 cheaper than it was originally marked for thanks to some bartering skills. I love it. I also already switched out the original silver top knobs for 2 pink diamond knobs. Perfect.
This is what one side of the dresser looks like. It is an applique sticker with rhinestones. Even more perfect! The dresser also has pops of silver paint shining through the pink . The paint job looks good in real life but kind of streaky in pictures.
2. A changing table. A newborn baby uses up to 12 diapers a day. Yikes. Better have a good place to change those diapers. I got this changing table off Craigslist for only $25. It's sturdy and in good condition, it just needs a little touch up paint in a few places which will be easy to do for such a good price. After we got it I was showing Ryan were the baby goes and grabbed one of the old gold throw pillows to demonstrate. We had a little fun dressing it up! Weird..but it made us laugh.
3. Wall hanging. Thanks to Hobby Lobby's excellent 50% off sales, and my sweet husband who made not one, but 2 trips to Hobby Lobby with me after I forgot the gift card that I'd been saving since my birthday, we got this picture that captures the colors and look I want for the nursery. If you look closely the top right has a little black chandelier just like the one on her dresser. The picture also has rhinestones to add an extra touch of sparkle. And the frame that came with it matches the white quilt we are putting on the full size bed that we will likely keep in Eva's room so that grandmother's can spend the night sometimes :)
4. Curtains. Pink with with sequins. I have ordered these from Target already and should be receiving them in the next week.
5. Curtain rod. I love the extra diamond end caps. From Walmart. (Target had it online too but I got free shipping from Walmart.) Also on it's way to our home this coming week.
6. Laundry hamper for those adorable little girl clothes. I put this on my Target registry so I will have to wait awhile for this accessory.
7. Hanging wall letters. Of course I want them to say Eva but I like the patterns in these. I think I know a friend's mom who can make these for me much cheaper than I could order them online, so that's my plan for now.
8. Colorful lanterns. I want to hang these in a corner kind of between the changing table and crib, sort of like a mobile. I definitely stole this idea from another blog -thanks to The Mom Diggity! I was actually out at Party City last night and saw these exact lanterns but didn't buy them yet.
9. A decorative wall cross. I just google images to find this one, so it's not the exact one I want, but hopefully something like it. I have seen crosses in this style at different places and will probably shop around downtown Grapevine to see what they have.

These are my ideas! I didn't post any pictures of bedding because we're actually keeping the bedding simple with just a white crib, a frilly white crib skirt, and bright colored crib sheets. I'm also going to be repainting my old nightstand and a small shelf that has places for 3 pictures and 4 hooks to match the dresser we bought. Hopefully my mom can come over in the next few weeks to help with that little project. And in a few months, if we have space for it wherever we live, I want to look for a white glider on Craigslist too. Can't wait to post pictures of our completed nursery, but that probably won't be until August!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parking for 2

This is where I got to park tonight when Ryan and I were out running a few errands! Yes, I am fully capable of parking elsewhere, but the parking lot where we were at wasn't crowded, so I didn't feel guilty enjoying one of these special parking spots. After being pregnant for 5 months, this was the first one I saw and I was excited.

In my search for this image on the world wide web I also came across a message board of very mean people who object to there being special parking spots for pregnant women. They complained that if a pregnant woman can get out and walk around she doesn't deserve a special parking spot. But come on, it's only a few spots. And it's fun. So they shouldn't be so upset...and if they don't want to use it when they're pregnant, they don't have to. I will.