Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for Memories

Happy Thanksgiving!!! One of the Thanksgiving memories I love the most is having everyone over to my grandparents' house. Their house was big enough to host anybody who showed up. I remember driving up over the hill and arriving at their house that was full of leaves in the yard. When my cousins and I were kids we had so much fun running and jumping in those huge piles of leaves. I remember walking in and finding my mom and grandpa already cooking in the kitchen -my grandma Dede didn't cook, but she did love to host! I remember how their huge dining room table was always set with fine china and table linens and decorated with litle turkeys (the table that now resides in my own dining room, just without all the extra inserts). I remember all holding hands and saying what we were thankful for and then singing our traditional blessing and prayer. A few years ago my grandparents traded in their dream home for a senior assisted living center, so our traditions have now changed, but I will always cherish those family gatherings!
My other favorite Thanksgiving memory is my other grandmother, Grammy. Grammy was a wonderful cook. She made THE BEST mashed potatoes, deserts, and zucchini bread squares I have ever tasted. This year I got a cookie press for my birthday so I stayed up late last night making her special "Grammy cookies"- flower shaped butter cookies with a craisin in the middle (Grammy always used a cherry but for fall I decided to adapt it to a craisin). In a few minutes I am going to make her zucchini squares to take to our feast. I am thankful for the memories of her great cooking and that I have received those recipes.
I hope everyone enjoys this day of thanks and remembers that Scriptures assure us that everything thats wonderful and beautiful comes from God. Praise the Lord for all you've been blessed with!!!! And make some new memories.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!! Wow, what an awesome weekend. My birthday celebrations started Thursday afternoon when my office went out to lunch for my birthday and got some delicious Mexican food. And Thursday night Ryan and I went on a date to...... Medieval Times! A fun night of knights jousting and eating a king's feast with our hands!

We had fun cheering on our knight- who gave me a flower- that is, until he died. Oh, how sad, but somebody had to die first.
Friday morning, my actual 27th birthday, we got up and Ryan made me cinnamon rolls and then dropped me off to get a surprise massage! I love a little spa day! Friday evening we hosted Bible study at our apartment.
Since it was my birthday, and our group was studying what it looks like to truly give God thanks, we made a small Thanksgiving feast and even got out our fancy china. We love our church friends and are so thankful for them!
Saturday we went to Dallas and met my parents for lunch at Cheesecake factory. I am also so thankful that we live close to our families and can see them often. I love my mom and dad!!!
Saturday night, our college friends came up and we went out to BriX, a new pizza and wine bar in Roanoke. I LOVE my girl friends and am so thankful that we've stayed close for so many years now. After dinner we came back to our apartment and played the Office Clue. What a suspenseful game! All of our accusations came down to the final roll of the dice. Thank you to all my girls who drove all the way out here!
Sunday, we went out to celebrate with Ryan's family and I got to play some Barbies with our nieces. These are my sister-in-laws old Barbies and it was funny that I actually had the EXACT SAME outfits for my Ken and Barbie growing up! I hope Kiersi and Kayden love Barbie as much as Aunt Kate :) I was thankful to get to play with them!
My mother in law made me a wonderful chocolate cake. I am thankful to have a great extended family that loves Ryan and I so much!
And then those crazy Bradleys got out every body's old Letterman jackets! I am thankful to have a husband and family who can be silly and make me laugh!
So, in case you didn't realize, much of what I thought about this weekend is everything that I am thankful for! I definitely did not deserve to have such an amazing birthday weekend! Of course its fun to open presents and eat good food, but I am most grateful for all the sweet memories that were made with friends, family, and my husband. It was a birthday full of blessings!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Been a Hard Day's Night... And I've Been Working Like a Dog...

Today Cosby literally worked like a dog. My coworkers have been wanting to see my dog and my boss said that I could bring Cosby to work with me today. Not wanting to be lazy, he jumped right in and started to help. He responded to emails and made sure all of our websites were up to date.
"Dunder Mifflin. This is Cosby." Wow, that dog sure gives some good customer phone service!
He helped read over the new course catalog. Don't worry, everything was up to par, and he didn't find any mistakes!
He kept a look out for any delivery people. This would have been the perfect day for my Staples delivery friend to come!
And after all that work, he rested on his blanket and gave me inspirational pep talks. Today was so much fun having Cosby in the office! Even though he is pretty relaxed and rather un-playful, it was fun having him walk around. I probably work in the best office ever!